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National Assembly Speeches by Mrs. Janet JaganJJ Hansards

Compiled in chronological order, these volumes contain Mrs. Jagan’s speeches made in Legislative Assembly/Parliament during her long career there. Unfortunately it is not a complete set of speeches since there are still some years missing.

Volume I contains the National Assembly Speeches made between September 1957 and June 1964 while Mrs. Jagan was in the Legislative Council 1957-1961 and in the Senate 1963-1964. Amoungst the many items discussed are:

Continuance of the Rent Restriction Ordinance

Housing Retrenchment of Workers

The Workers' Compensation (Amendment) Bill

The Shops (Consolidation) Bill

The Amerindian (Amendment) Bill

A Motion on the Boycoott of Trade with South Africa

Volume II contains the National Assembly Speeches made between November 1976 and February 1998. Amoungst the many items discussed are:

An Increase in Old Age Pensions

The Working Conditions of Domestic Workers

The Thallium Sulphate Contimination Issue

The Conditions at Georgetown Hospital

Pure Water Supply Problems

The 50th Anniversary of the United Nations

These speeches reflect her consummate attention to events that developed during the important periods in Guyana, the Caribbean region and the world.

Mrs. Jagan’s speeches illustrate her humanism, her dedication to the working people, the poor and the powerless. She spoke as an Internationalist, joining her and Guyana’s voice in the struggle for national liberation, independence and development. During the Cold War years, she argued for peaceful co-existence and non-alignment.

The collection was published by the Caribbean Press, and edited by Professor David Dabydeen and Lynne Macedo.