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Tributes to Cheddi Jagan

Dr. Jagan eulogised at commemorative wreath-laying

MINISTER within the Ministry of Agriculture and member of the Central Executive Committee of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Mr. Alli Baksh has said its late founder, Dr. Cheddi Jagan changed Guyana from a begging basket into a prosperous nation.He said that happened after Dr. Jagan took office on October 5, 1992, because of his vision, will power and determination.
Speaking at a Wednesday wreath-laying ceremony in commemoration of the great leader’s 17th death anniversary, Baksh said the former stood the test of time and never said no to difficult conditions.

According to the minister, when Dr. Jagan took over the reins of Government from the People’s National Congress (PNC) regime, the country had been reduced to a begging basket but, with determination, he called on those countries that Guyana owed debts to write off or reschedule loans.

He maintained that Dr. Jagan, being a man of great vision, has caused Guyana to move forward.
Reflecting on the life and struggles of the great leader and Father of the Nation, Minister Baksh said he was also a teacher, educator, who did not differentiate between race or religion but saw people as human beings and made a vow to liberate Guyana from all forms of discrimination and ensure that the nation lives in peace and harmony with a bright future.

He called on all Guyanese to protect that for which Dr. Jagan worked and fought.
Former Member of Parliament (MP) Isahack Basir called for the visions of the great leader to be kept alive.

He traced the history of the sugar plantations on the coast and said it was when the colonial masters shut down the factories and the East Indian labourers and freed slaves were left to suffer that Dr. Jagan came on the scene.

Mr. Basir said Dr. Jagan loved plants and encouraged Guyanese to plant trees, pointing out that he has left his footprints which must be kept bright at all times.

Region 2 (Pomeroon/Supenaam) Chairman, Mr. Parmanand Persaud said the work and legacy of the great leader must never be given up.

He said it is the task of the people of Guyana to expand and develop the visions that Dr. Jagan left so the country can become the one that he dreamt about many years ago.

The wreath-laying function also featured songs and poems on the life of the great leader. Wreaths were laid at the foot of the monument by Minister Baksh, Regional Chairman Persaud, representatives of Women’s Progressive Organisation (WPO), Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO), PPP Anna Regina Office, Rice Producers Association (RPA), Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) and Department of Education.

(Guyana Chronicle March 28, 2014)


WPO hosts series of activities to commemorate the life and work of Jagans

Saturday, 22 March 2014 16:04 Written by 

The Women’s Progressive Organisation (WPO), during the period 16th – 22nd March, 2014, held several activities across Guyana to celebrate the life and work of the founding leaders of the People’s Progressive Party and the WPO, Dr. Cheddi Jagan and Mrs Janet Jagan.

The activities served the purpose of reminding the people who met these leaders and informing the youths who never met them of the struggles of the founding leaders and former Presidents of Guyana, the legacy they left behind for all to benefit from. 

Activities held were at Belle West on the West Bank of Demerara on Sunday 16th March, 2014; Kuru Kururu, Seosdyke Linden Highway on Sunday 16th March, 2014; Suc­cess, East Coast Demerara on Wednesday 19th March, 2014; Coomaka Mines on Wednesday 19th March, 2014; De Edward, West Coast Berbice on Thursday 20th March, 2014. 

WPO members also participated in several other activities around the country, including one at Diamond Secondary School and at Red House, Georgetown. 

The month of March is special to the Party and WPO. It’s a month that the successes and failures regarding women’s empowerment is evaluated and the government of Guyana was praised for ensuring that status of women continues to improve over the last 21 years. 

International Women’s Day was celebrated at Red House on March 8, 2014. 

At the Belle West activity, it was recognised that on the 6th March, 1964, Kowsilla was crushed to death by a tractor at Leonora Estate by British Colonialism for striking for better conditions of work and better wages. 2014 is 50 years since Kow­silla died and women will forever be grateful for her sacrifice. She will remain the working class Heroine of Guyana. 

In analysing the legacy of the Jagans, it was recognised that at every juncture of life, people will emerge to challenge the system and distort history. The WPO pointed out that because of Cheddi and Janet Jagan, the quality of lives of Guyanese people are better and as the founding leadershad cautioned that all must be knowledgeable of the past so that they can expose the lies that are peddled by the opposition regarding the socio-economic and political developments in Guyana. They encouraged all to be­come organised in interest of nation building. 

At each of the activities, the comrades celebrated the life and work of comrade Cheddi and comrade Janet through poetry, songs, dances and drama. 

The activities were ad­dressed by the President of WPO, Indra Chandarpal and the General Secretary of WPO, Sheila Veerasammy. 

On Friday 28th March, 2014 the Wreath Laying Ceremony will be held at Ann Regina, Essequibo Coast, Region #2 and on Saturday 29th March, 2014, the Wreath Laying Ceremonies will be held at Babu John, Port Mourant, Berbice, Region #6. 

The public is invited to attend.