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National Assembly Speeches by Dr. Cheddi Jagan

Seven volumes of speeches made by Dr. Cheddi Jagan, in the National Assembly, were launched on his 94th birth anniversary, March 22, 2012 . The inspiration for this project came from Resolution #46 passed by the National Assembly on December 14, 2007. It was a resolution that came to the National Assembly to recognise the profound contributions made by Dr. Jagan to development, democratisation, and transformation of Guyana.

Dr. Jagan was first elected to the Legislature of British Guiana in 1947 and served until 1992, a span of almost fifty years in elected public office.

During his period as a Legislator/Member of Parliament 1947 – 1992

  • Dr. Jagan served as an elected member from 1947-1953

  • As a Head of Government 1957 – 1964 in the pre Independence period

  • As Leader of the Opposition Party in Parliament 1964 – 1992, until the PPP was returned to power in 1992.

Compiled in chronological order, these volumes contain Dr. Jagan’s speeches made in Legislative Assembly/Parliament during his long career there. Unfortunately it is not a complete set of speeches since there are still some years missing.

These speeches reflect his consummate attention to events that developed during the important periods in Guyana, the Caribbean region and the world.

Dr. Jagan’s speeches illustrate his humanism, his dedication to the working people, the poor and the powerless. He spoke as an Internationalist, joining his and Guyana’s voice in the struggle for national liberation, independence and development. During the Cold War years, he argued for peaceful co-existence and non-alignment.

His major contributions dealt with national issues impacting on socio-economic development in Guyana. He proposed initiatives that were well thought-out and carefully crafted, and which enjoyed the support of Guyanese. He emphasised good governance, economic planning and a tripartite economy. He exposed excesses and
wrong-doings during the colonial regime and under the PNC Government and fought tirelessly in Parliament to succour the victims of colonialism and PNC misrule.

The collection was published by the Caribbean Press, and edited by Professor David Dabydeen and Lynne Macedo.


Volume 1: 1947-1951 - The Fourth Legislative Council - December 1947 - December 1951

Volume 2: 1952-1953 - The Fourth Legislative Council - January 1952 - April 1953

Volume 3: 1959-1961 - The Legislative Council& The Senate - February 1959 - July 1961

Volume 4: 1966-1968 - The National Assembly of the First Parliament of Guyana - May 1966 - July 1968

Volume 5: 1969-1972 - The National Assembly of the Second Parliament of Guyana - February 1969 -December 1972

Volume 6: 1976-1980 - The National Assembly of the Third Parliament of Guyana - June 1976 -August 1980

Volume 7: 1981-1987 - The National Assembly of the Fourth & Fifth Parliaments of Guyana - February 1981 -May 1987

Index to Volumes 1-7


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Published by The Caribbean Press for the Government of Guyana.
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These publications were made possible by the financial support of the Peepal Tree Press (Leeds) and the Government of Guyana.