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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1980

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1980 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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id#                           3001

  Title:                          Imperialists Reactivating the Cold War

  Year Written:           1980/1?

  Place Delivered:     Finland

  Medium:                   Printed in "New Perspectives" page 9-10

  Summary:                The end of the “hot war in 1945 witnessed the declaration of the cold war in 1947 for the containment of Communism, socialism and national liberation. Overt and covert activities via the CIA and military treaties – NATO, Baghdad Pact. CENTO, SEATO and a worldwide “iron curtain” of 429 permanent military bases and 3,000 supplementary installations in 30 countries began. It targeted countries with controlled economies and trade everywhere and to “liberate” the so-called “captive states” of Eastern Europe. Dr. Jagan chronicled a series of cold-war. Casualties, British Guiana included. This trend could be reversed by détente, disarmament, a stop to the arms race. 



  id#                           3002

  Title:                          PPP - Torch Bearers for Social Progress (PPP Celebrates 30th Anniversary)

  Year Written:           1980/01

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                    Printed in "Thunder" Vol 12 # 2 1980 pg 3-16

  Summary:                  Dr. Jagan reflects on the path traversed by the PPP for 30 years. A history of principled struggles against colonialism, for independence and building a better Guyana. This account clearly defines Dr. Jagan’s and the PPP’s commitment as the genuine torch bearers of social progress as history has shown Foreign and local reaction to the PPP’s thrust has been objectively analyzed.

  id#                           3003

  Title:                          Interview taped with Dr. Jagan

  Year Written:           1980

  Place Delivered:

  Medium:                   Interview

  Summary:                 A taped interview in which Dr. Jagan so eloquently dealt with 6 questions directed to him. The PPP’s position is reaffirmed as a genuine organization to correct the political, economic and social morass Guyana has plunged into under the PNC. The role of imperialism, ideological warfare and destabilization of progressive emerging states are highlighted.



  id#                           3004

  Title:                          The State of the Free Press in Guyana

  Year Written:           1980/01

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                    Printed in booklet The State of Free Press in Guyana


Press Freedom has been dealt a most dastardly blow during the 1970’s. The threat and denial of basic Human Rights – the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Covenants on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Guyana is a signatory. Mirror stands alone with the PPP in defence.



  id#                           3005

  Title:                          What does the Year 1980 hold for the Struggle in Guyana?

  Year Written:          1980?

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                   Press Statement

  Summary:                 Looking back to 3 decades of struggle and more particularly 1976 to 1979, 1980 brings greater disillusionment and rejection by the majority of Guyanese of the PNC. Refusal to honour $14 daily minimum wage, a rigged referendum and the Jonestown massacre has again characterized the nature of the PNC. The economic downturn cannot be solved by aid from imperialist sources. In fact, it would exacerbate the contradictions of the local economy and bring about a greater awareness of US pressure and influences in the region. 1980 and the decade ahead would be no better.


  id#                           3006

  Title:                          PPP Pres Statement - New Constitution is Worse

  Year Written:           1980/01/31

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                    Press Statement

  Summary:                 The 1980 new constitution is worse. It subtly curtails basic rights and freedoms or dissent from those opposed to the PNC minority regime. A creeping de facto dictatorship is in the making, a dictatorship of the reactionary, petty bourgeoisie and not the proletariat. The new constitution gives more powers to the PNC and guarantees a denial of rights enjoyed by the people.



  id#                           3007

  Title:                          New Constitution Ushers in Creeping Dictatorship in Guyana

  Year Written:          1980/02?

  Place Delivered:     Guyana


  Summary:                  The PNC government has steam – rolled the so-called socialist constitution through the National Assembly. Warnings by Dr. Jagan came to pass – a rigged Referendum and postponement of elections. “Full, free and open discussion” was a farce. The new constitution of 1980 was virtually the exact draft of the PNC since 1974.



  id#                           3008

  Title:                          Questions to Dr. Jagan by Tass News Agency

  Year Written:           1980/03/04

  place delivered      USSR

  Medium:                    Interview

  Summary:                  Dr. Jagan – a true proletarian internationalist, replies to the real cause of the hysterical anti-soviet campaign, its effect on the international situation and particularly the Caribbean as well as how the USSR’s international policy meets the interests of developing nations? These answers are potent to a Marxist/Leninist and progressive outlook of the USSR and its role in the fight for a better world. 

  id#                           3009

  Title:                          PNC Thuggery and Police Complicity

  Year Written:          1980/03/08-Mar-Dec

  Place Delivered:    Guyana


  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan cites PNC thuggery and police complicity which led to a number of PPP public meetings being disrupted. He urges the Commissioner of Police to uphold peace and orderliness at PPP meetings. Several other letters were sent to the Commissioner of Police highlighting discrepancies and PNC hooliganism with the support of the police or turning a blind eye to PNC wrong doings.



  id#                           3010

  Title:                          Towards a Revolutionary - Democratic Government in Guyana

  Year Written:           1980/03

  Place Delivered:     Guyana


  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan – elaborates on the need for a Revolutionary democratic Government. As a mature and vanguard party, the PPP in and out of government has always been campaigning the cause for national liberation, peace and socialism. Dr. Jagan is convinced that Guyana cannot advance without the PPP. A virtual dictatorship and the odds against the masses. The only way to rescue Guyana from the present crisis and breakaway from the imperialist designs is to form a Revolutionary democratic Government with an anti-imperialist programme, democracy and socialist orientation. PPP is committed to save and make Guyana prosperous.



  id#                           3011

  Title:                          Budget Speech(1980)

  Year Written:           1980/04

  Place Delivered:      Guyana

  Medium:                    Speech

  Summary:                Dr. Jagan in his 1980 Budget Speech said Guyana was going backward. Excuses and lies cannot cover the reality. PNC has done nothing to carry out any of the 5 measures it boldly announced in the Sophia Declaration of December, 1974 – to move Guyana to a socialist path of development. Instead, Guyana is in virtual ruins. Jagan exposes the PNC government for its posturing and shifting stances on principle be it at the international or local levels. 1980 budget is a sham and the working people will be plagued as the country sinks deeper and in despair.



  id#                           3012

  Title:                          Leninism in the 1980's

  Year Written:           1980/04/23

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                   Lecture at Freedom House

  Summary:                Dr. Jagan, himself a Marxist – Leninist lectures on Leninism in the 1980’s on the occasion of Lenin’s 110th Birth Anniversary at Freedom House. He exposed the fallacy of “foreign models” and reaffirms Leninism as relevant everywhere to the cause for peace, democracy and social progress. Lenin’s contribution is traced – a theoretician, practioner, founder of a party of a new type, guiding role in the world’s first socialist revolution and laying the foundations for a communist society. Theory of the socialist revolution, economic, political, ideological struggles and relationship between trade unions and the party are highlighted. Dr. Jagan brings out the greatness and genius of Lenin – a thinker, philosopher and leader of not only Russia but the world proletariat.



  id#                           3013

  Title:                          Abstract of Memorandum on Caribbean Economic Development and Industrialisation

  Year Written:           1980

  Place Delivered:     Guyana


  Summary:                Dr. Jagan’s abstract of a memo intended for a more full and comprehensive presentation on Caribbean Economic development and industrialization. See #3014 for the actual presentation. Dr. Jagan examines the imposition of economic policies by the USA, he looks at the Puerto Rican model and then examines the model prepared by ECLA based on import substitution, land reform and regional integration.



  id#                           3014

  Title:                          Alternative Models of Caribbean Economic Development and Industrialisation

  Year Written:           1980/05

  Place Delivered:     Hungary

  Medium:                     Printed in "Development and Peace" Volume 3, No 1

  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan presents a well researched and scholarly paper/analysis of “The crisis of would capitalism” as it affects the internal social and economic structures in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean - under terrific stress and strain due to the scientific, technological and ideological changes which have taken place. Poverty and insecurity reign and no capitalist/imperialist models or variations of economic development are geared, to offer an alternative. Socialist Cuba in the Caribbean is a beacon of hope and example for depressed states. Imperialism’s designs and recipes have failed everywhere. For any success in the Caribbean there has to be unity and the forging of an anti-imperialist programme and a progressive foreign policy, move closer to the socialist countries to aid and trade for mutual benefits to meet the aspirations of the Caribbean peoples.


  id#                           3014

  Title:                          Caribbean Economic Development and Industrialisation

  Year Written:           1980/05

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                   Booklet

  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan presents a well researched and scholarly paper/analysis of “The crisis of would capitalism” as it affects the internal social and economic structures in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean - under terrific stress and strain due to the scientific, technological and ideological changes which have taken place. Poverty and insecurity reign and no capitalist/imperialist models or variations of economic development are geared, to offer an alternative. Socialist Cuba in the Caribbean is a beacon of hope and example for depressed states. Imperialism’s designs and recipes have failed everywhere. For any success in the Caribbean there has to be unity and the forging of an anti-imperialist programme and a progressive foreign policy, move closer to the socialist countries to aid and trade for mutual benefits to meet the aspirations of the Caribbean peoples.



  id#                           3015

  Title:                          The Caribbean as a Zone of Peace

  Year Written:           1980/07?

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                   Printed in Thunder Vol 12 No 3 July-September 1980 pg 3-21

  Summary:                Experiences taught Dr. Jagan that the Caribbean has been a focus of attention, essentially due to the struggles to be free from the shackles of colonialism and imperialism. He writes about imperialism’s intervention in Guyana in 1953 and elsewhere to destabilize/ over throw popular governments. Dr. Jagan warned of US imperialism’s interests in the Caribbean and for it to remain a zone of peace and not a base to thwart the struggles of others in the region. 

  id#                           3016

  Title:                          Reactivating the Cold War (Straight Talk)

  Year Written:          1980

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:                    S/T

  Summary:                 The world is on the brink of another stage of the cold war. Unity among the socialist and like minded states against authoritarianism after that war gave rise to new initiatives to rekindle the old pre-war rivalry between capitalism and socialism. There is a rising tide and heightened activities by the cold warriors by various subtler methods for the “containment of communism” especially since the balance of forces from 1970-1980 has shifted against imperialism. Nothing is spared to carrying out imperialism’s bellicose intentions. There is a threat to world peace and complete disarmament is essential.



  id#                           3017

  Title:                          Cheddi Jagan Comments on Leonid Brezhnev's interview

  Year Written:          1980

  Place Delivered:    Guyana


  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan supported the view of Leonid Brezhnev that current events in Afghanistan are not the real cause for the complicated international situation. The imperialist are alarmed and hysterical over the positive world developments during the latter 1970 period and so they are reacting. Troops and war merchandise are deployed by US imperialism to areas it deem strategic to its interests. Lies and distortions are commandeered to smear the soviet image and threaten détente. It may be “wrong” to aid the Afghan revolution at a time of peril, by the Soviet Union in the cause of friendship and solidarity, but what of US imperialism to “liberate” and wipe-out progressive governments and set up puppet regimes – subservient/surrogates of imperialism.


  id#                           3018

  Title:                          Notes of Speech at joint PPP-WPA meeting at Bourda

  Year Written:           1980/07/10

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                     Notes of speech

  Summary:                  A joint PPP – WPA meeting of Bourda Mall July 10, 1980 marked the second postponement of elections. The murder of Michael Forde, Bholanauth, Walter Rodney and number of anti-peoples Acts were cited. Rigged elections, debt payments, dismissals - what is to be done? The fight for democracy, fair and free elections, one man one vote, Build international solidarity and unity for victory



  id#                           3019

  Title:                          Press Statement by Dr. Jagan on August 16, 1980

  Year Written:           1980/08/16

  Place Delivered:      London, England

  Medium:                     Press Statement

  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan issues a Press Statement to expose lies, distortions and downright falsehoods peddled by the PNC locally and internationally about the PPP. Stifling press freedom and dissent in favour of bureaucratic administration and police – military methods have replaced constitutional – democratic methods. Appeal to the British people for solidarity in the human rights, Peace and social progress struggle.



  id#                           3020

  Title:                          Statement on the New President and the Constitution

  Year Written:          1980/10/04

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                    Press statement

  Summary:                 The New Constitution and the New Executive President will not help the people. Paper rights cannot solve the problems of Guyana. More rights and freedoms will be eroded. Dr. Jagan called for united and relentless struggle for the people’s salvation.


  id#                           3021

  Title:                          New Constitution Entrenches Burnham's Personal Dictatorship

  Year Written:          1980/10

  Place Delivered:    Guyana


  Summary:               The New 1980 Guyana constitution is tailored to entrench Burnham and appease his appetite for personal power and opportunistic – bureaucratic dictatorship. The demagogy and absurdities of
coop-socialism will not take Guyana to socialism. Guyana is not in transition to socialism and there is no dictatorship of the proletariat to accomplish that goal. The President has overriding powers and can dissolve Parliament as he wishes. Guyana is virtually back to the colonial days. Dr. Jagan urged a political solution to unite and inspire the people to build the nation.



  id#                           3022

  Title:                          Notes of Speech to Women' Progressive Organization - WPO - Congress November 1-2, 1980

  Year Written:           1980/11/1-2

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:                   Notes of speech

  Summary:               Dr. Jagan’s notes of speech to the 1980 WPO Congress deal with the international, regional and local situations. He urged the WPO to continue to organize and fight for opportunities for women. To join in the struggle in a disciplined way to bring about the downfall of the PNC regime he charges.



  id#                           3023

  Title:                          Radio Address by Dr. Jagan - November 19, 1980

  Year Written:           1980/11/19

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                   Radio

  Summary:                Dr. Jagan addresses the nation and outlines the grave crises in the economy and general hopelessness and alienation. Promises and plans have failed and life has become more unbearable. Every aspect of national life has become a nightmare while party paramountcy, patronage, discrimination fear and despair loom everywhere. Dr. Jagan appeals to the nation to continue the struggle for freedom, free and fair elections, democracy, human rights and social progress ad to turnout on December 15 and vote PPP.


  id#                           3024

  Title:                          Circus Not Bread in Guyana

  Year Written:           1980/11?

  Place Delivered:     Guyana


  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan likens Oct 6, 1980 to Oct 6, 1953 when the democratically elected PPP government was overthrown and the constitution destroyed. In 1980 Burnham assumed the mantle of the constitutional monarch cum Chief executive combined. Burnham was Executive President, head of state and commander in chief of the army, which he was not elected to. A total betrayal of the Guyanese nation. As conditions worsen, the struggle will inevitably sharpen Guyanese will win the battle for one-man one-vote, democracy and human rights.



  id#                           3025

  Title:                          Address at Seminar/Conference sponsored by  "Problems of Peace and Socialism"

  Year Written:           1980

  Place Delivered:     Cuba

  Medium:                   Speech

  Summary:                 A highly theoretical and analytical address by Dr. Jagan on “the Working class of Latin America and the Caribbean and its Allies in the Anti-Imperialist struggle. The post World War II period is brought into focus. US interference and activities of the progressive forces brought to the fore. Guyana‘s situation/development under the semi-dictatorship regime is revealed – the struggle is gaining new heights and a revolutionary situation developing. Dr. Jagan appeals for militant solidarity and expresses the optimism and confidence of victory in the future.


  id#                           3026

  Title:                          Dr. Gyanchand in Guyana

  Year Written:           1980

  Place Delivered:     Guyana


  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan gives a high appraisal of Dr. Gyanchand who came to British Guiana to work as economic adviser when the PPP was in office. He was tasked with helping to establish a Planning Commission and comprehensive plan for long term economic development based on the needs of the people. Guyana could have become a model of “third world” development but the PPP was replaced y the PNC regime. Guyana is suffering from a deep and serious economic crisis which the PNC is trying to stave off by IMF and other imperialist financial institutions.



  id#                           3027

  Title:                          To Venezuelan Friends

  Year Written:            1980's?

  Place Delivered: