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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1979

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1979 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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id#                             2901

  Title:                         Confrontation in Iran  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:            1979/02/11

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                    S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 6

  Summary:                 With the absence of the Shah of Iran in 1953, a period of anti-communist and cold-war hysteria followed. Dr. Jagan offers a genesis of the scenario in Iran and the role of the US and UK – the Mussadegh and PPP governments were ousted in 1953 and Cuba, blockaded. Countries in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America opting for self determination and reshaping their countries destiny have all felt the full wrath of the Churchill – Truman Cold War destabilizing roles/tactics.


  id#                           2902

  Title:                       Hands Off Vietnam

  Year Written:           1979/03/25

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:                    Printed in "Mirror"

  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan writes on the “Hands off Vietnam” Conference in Finland by the World Peace Council, the long struggle of the heroic people of Vietnam against US imperialism and now, an axis developed between China and world imperialism. China is accused of betraying socialism. It committed 36 acts of aggression in 6 provinces of Vietnamese territory. All governments and parliaments, all countries, mass organizations and personalities are asked to condemn the Chinese aggression. Other delegations gave solidarity to Vietnam. PNC representative was conspicuously absent from the conference. PNC moving closer to US and China since it signed a standby agreement with the IMF. Peace in Asia must be safeguarded.



  id#                           2903

  Title:                       The PNC and its Deal with Imperialism  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:           1979/04/22

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                    S/T  printed in "Mirror" pg 7

  Summary:                  Dr. Jagan criticized the New Nation for attacking the Caribbean Contact for linking its dictatorship to that of Iran and Grenada. PNC has sided with the CIA and imperialism to come to power and has in no way been a force for any revolutionary/change for any progress in Guyana. Neither has it with the progressive nations of the world. PNC always accommodated the postures and wishes of the America Secretary of State on what to do at world fora. Claims of being anti-imperialists, non-aligned and socialist are untrue and a national betrayal. Its actions are bias, in favour of imperialism.                  

  id#                           2904

  Title:                       Cheddi Raps with University Students

  Year Written:           1979-1980

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:               Dr. Jagan loves to debate and dialogue with all on the local and international political/economic situation. Here he raps with university students on the tactics and inter-party politics in Guyana. Parallels are also drawn to specifics in other parts of the world. His discussions and analyses are from a strictly honest and scientific, dialectical outlook.  



  id#                           2905

  Title:                       Address at May Day 1979  TUC Rally

  Year Written:            1979/05/01

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                    Speech; printed in booklet "PNC Guilty of National

  Summary:                Dr. Jagan speaks at TUC May Day Rally – 1979. In his typical unpretentious and Marxist/Leninist conviction, he analyzed the world situation – hot beds of wars as well as revolutionary struggles against oppression, racist and fascist rule. Imperialism, its agencies overt and covert, are highlighted in their growing aggression everywhere to destabilize and /or thwart the struggles of the working class against exploitation and for self determination. TUC is urged to discharge its responsibility. 



  id#                           2906

  Title:                       Address at Meeting of Caribbean Parties and Groups Held

  Year Written:           1979/08/04-06

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:                    Speech

  Summary:                  Dr. Jagan’s opening address at the August 4-6, 1979 Consultative meeting of Caribbean Parties and Groups in Guyana. He gave a comprehensive account of the role of the USA in the Caribbean and as a source of wealth exported and identified imperialism as the prime reason for poverty in the region. Political developments were analysed. The USA vowed to use its military might because of progressive developments and the removal of dictatorships in some Caribbean countries to protect its interests. A succinct account of the role of US imperialism and politics in the Caribbean up to 1979.



  id#                           2907

  Title:                       Report to 20th PPP Congress

  Year Written:          1979/08/06

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:                  Speech; Thunder Vol 11 # 3

  Summary:                This Central Committee Report to the PPP 20th Congress gives an analysis of the world situation with the balance of power in favour with forces of peace, democracy and socialism. Dr. Jagan deals with the international, regional and local situations in a most profound way – economics, politics, hot beds of wars, liberation struggles, etc. All aspects of the party’s activities are reported. The way forward pointed to –all of which open debate and resolutions for the period ahead. A very historic document. 



  id#                           2908

  Title:                       Falsifiers of Guyanese History

  Year Written:           1979

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:                   Thunder Vol 11 # 2 April-June 1979 pg 3-11

  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan and Janet Jagan debunked and exposed the PNC distorters and falsifiers of the true political history of Guyana which began with the Public Affairs Committee – fore runner of the PPP for the National Liberation and struggle against colonialism and imperialism for independence. This expose gives a chronological development of the independence movement – party struggles, 1953 elections and overthrow of the democratically elected PPP to government. The PNC cum CIA activities of sabotage, PNC sand dancing on principled ideological issues and betrayal of the cause for socialism for Guyana and elsewhere. PNC has never been attracted to the call for a national, anti-imperialist, socialist oriented unity in a National Patriotic Front by the PPP. It made a deal with the IMF and imperialism. It is fraudulent for the PNC to credit itself for any national good. It has to be looked at wholly, not selectively. Look at Dr. Jagan and the PPP for consistency and dedication.



  id#                           2909

  Title:                       Open Letter Re.Violations of Civil & Political Rights & Subversion of the Constitution of Guyana

  Year Written:            1979/09

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                     Letter

  Summary:                  Dr. Jagan writes in support of peace and solidarity and expresses concern that at a recent confab in the Caribbean little attention was paid to the repression under Gairy in Grenada. Similarities exist to the PNC regime in Guyana – violations of human rights, electoral malpractices and violence.



  id#                           2910

  Title:                       Memorandum on Violations of Civil & Political Rights & Subversion of the Constitution of Guyana

  Year Written:           1979/09

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:                   Memorandum

  Summary:                This memo on violations of Civil and Political Rights and Subversion of the Constitution chronicles the role and involvement of the American and British government, the CIA and the PNC itself to deny Dr. Jagan leading Guyana to Independence and to establish a puppet/surrogate regime. Constant elections rigging followed the judicial system is interfered with, freedom of the press denied. A Referendum in 1978 gives the PNC a prolong stay in government. Political opponents face violent attacks. Guyana resembles Grenada under Eric Gairy and his “Mongoose squad”. Further elections will be rigged the Memo emphasizes. This document is being widely distributed in the Caribbean.

  id#                           2911

  Title:                       Notes on Meeting at Bourda Mall on Sept 10, 1979

  Year Written:          1979/09/10

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:                    Notes

  Summary:                 Notes on 28th Anniversary of Suspension of the Constitution – Meeting at Bourda Green 9/11/79. Dr. Jagan referred to events leading to the suspension and alleged plot to burn down Georgetown. Some local organizations and prominent bourgeois elements also support the intention of the British. The US favours the overthrow of the PPP government since Guyana is within the strategic zone of the United States in keeping with Truman’s maxim that controlled economics were “not the American way” and “not the way to peace” and that the American system could survive in America only if it becomes a World System”. The US fears a Guyana under the PPP vis a vis markets and for raw materials.



  id#                           2912

  Title:                       Letter to Inger Fahlander, Amnesty International

  Year Written:           1979/09/27

  Place Delivered:    UK

  Medium:                    Letter

  Summary:                 Dr. Jagan dispatches petition to Amnesty International and several local organizations about the blatant denial of human rights and freedom by the President of the military junta in Uruguay. He also exposed the PNC regime of moving to a de facto dictatorship – denial of newsprint, repression, layoffs, dictatorial governance amidst growing hardship. Burnham’s call for the destruction of the Opposition, re-enactment of the national Security Act, detention without trial and bail – definite signs of a dictatorship.

  id#                           2913

  Title:                       Guyana Fast Approaching Revolutionary Situation

  Year Written:          1979

  Place Delivered:

  Medium:                   Press Statement

  Summary:                Recent developments suggest a “wind of change” in the Caribbean witnessing the removal of dictatorial regimes in Grenada, Dominica, St. Lucia and Nicaragua. Growing consciousness of the people number the days of the dictators. Strikes and protest in Guyana by several unions, etc is fast approaching a revolutionary situation. Press statement by PPP condemns extension of life of minority PNC regime. 



  id#                           2914

  Title:                       Acute Problems of Guyana

  Year Written:           1979/12

  Place Delivered:    UK

  Medium:                    Printed in "World Marxist Review" vol 22, # 12 December 1979

  Summary:                  Dr. Jagan writes for World Marxist Review on the acute problems of Guyana. Growing imperialist pressure in tandem with reaction and deals have brought the National liberation process in Guyana to a stand still. The PNC is more to blame for this sordid reality. Bad IMF loans agreement and management led to economic crisis in 1974. Blame in shifted to economic recession in the capitalist world and inflation. Pro capitalist emphasis and diktat leave insignificant financial remains for the manufacturing sector. Guyana lulls as an agricultural appendage and primary raw material producer. Nationalization of bauxite and sugar from PPP pressure did not bring workers control and management, but rather parallel bureaucratically run structures. PPP advocates a political solution to overcome the economic and social crises and to address the high level unemployment and foreign dependence.

  id#                           2915

  Title:                       Broadcast -  November 18, 1979

  Year Written:           1979/11/18

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:                   Broadcast

  Summary:               Nov 18, 1979 – Address to the Nation by Dr. Jagan. Conditions have left the nation with a deep feeling of alienation and morale. He advances reasons why things are so bad and why the people need a broad based PPP government as in the past. Health, education, housing, water, electricity transport, have virtually collapsed. Strikes and exodus are ongoing. Fat promises of “free milk and cassava for all”, “not a soul will go to bed hungry”, “the small man would become the real man “ and the 1972-1976 D-Plan to “feed clothe and house the nation by 1976” have been mere froth from the PNC. Name changes of the chief executives did not change anything. Jagan urged the electorate to vote PPP on December 15 and rescue Guyana. 



  id#                           2916

  Title:                       For Unity in the Face of Reaction and Fascism

  Year Written:          1979

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:               Dr. Jagan on the present world situation sees capitalism in deep and profound crises and consolidation of state monopoly capitalism. More and more the transitional dominate. Communists, progressives and all exploited peoples must unite in face reaction and growing fascism. Anti communism is bolstered. In Guyana the puppet PNC regime is emboldened with its likes the world over to use force and fraudulent elections to perpetuate capitalism. These belligerent states stop at nothing in pursuit of capitalism/imperialism and avoid peoples power, democracy and socialist construction/trends.  


  id#                           2917

  Title:                       Dangers and Possibilities (handwritten)

  Year Written:           1979?

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:                 Sadly, in this era of transition from capitalism to a more just system of socialism, Guyana is neck-deep in negatives in every aspect of existence as an independent nation. PNC blames everything/everyone foreign and local, but itself for all the gargantuan failures and woes. The PNC lacks the capacity, as is demonstrated from 1964 to build Guyana. Dr. Jagan, the optimist notes the dangers as well as the way to rescue Guyana. He enumerated in June 1976 – a 17 point programme to grapple with the political/ economic and social crises to move Guyana forward for all its peoples.



  id#                           2918

  Title:                       Dangers and Possibilities (Epilogue II)

  Year Written:           1979?

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:                Epilogue 2 to "The West on Trial" - Dangers and Possibilities is the hallmark of a well researched speech, reminiscent of a Dr. Jagan only in the national assembly April 10, 1978. Known for his clear memory, objective analyses and bold facts, Jagan traced the unprincipled path of the PNC and Burnham. They manufacture “facts/reasons” for their failures and propose concoctions and ersatzs/antidotes to their constantly ailing plans/strategies and preferences – anything else save objective/scientific programme for socio-economic/national development and a just society. A really instructive document. Truthful. The PNC only introduce constitutional changes to prolong their fraud and bullyism. 


  id#                           2919

  Title:                       Thirty Years of Political Development

  Year Written:           1979

  Place Delivered:    Guyana


  Summary:                  30 years of political development. Dr. Jagan outlined the struggle for Universal Adult Suffrage (one-man, one-vote) and political struggle which ensued. The political split, formation of the PNC and division of the working class along racial, reactionary influence under the PNC. Intervention of the CIA, working class unity shattered and race supersedes class in politics. Fifteen years of PNC rule-oppression and repression – racial and working class unity developing



  id#                           2920

  Title:                       Caribbean Economic Development and Industrialization

  Year Written:           1979

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:                  “Caribbean Economic Development and Industrialization” Turmoil in the Caribbean today (1979) is reminiscent, and indeed a replication of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Dr. Jagan offers a very cogent and meticulous analysis of the paths of development the world over and pressures brought to bear by the CIA/Washington to toe the line. He furnished sufficient examples to convince his readers that the answers for Caribbean development will ultimately rely on our talents and traditions and not in the false promises of foreign models. Good for any region would be development which serves the interests of its own peoples and not to be a mere appendage to any imperialist’s designs/benefits. What benefits the people, the free enterprise system of private ownership or the public ownership of the means of production and the accumulation and distribution of profits/wealth for the good/better of the whole of society? This essay is incomplete, thus its abrupt end.

  id#                           2921

  Title:                       Guyana - Cheddi Jagan

  Year Written:           1979/11

  Place Delivered:    UK

  Medium:                   Printed in "Liberation" Nov-Dec 1979 Vol 22 #5 Pg 6

  Summary:                 This article identifies the “wind of Change” blowing in the Caribbean and the downfall of dictators and unpopular leaders. Guyana is brought into a detailed focus in its struggle to end minority rule. Agents of local reaction versus popular protests/demonstrations and strikes show signs of racial/ working class unity. Imperialist political support for the PNC to perpetuate itself in power led to postponement of elections to rig the Constitution and install an executive president with unlimited dictatorial power. Developments suggest a revolutionary situation in the making. Much work has to be done locally and abroad for support and solidarity to bring an end to imperialism and poverty and establish a people’s revolutionary democratic government.



  id#                           2922/3000

  Title:                       Burnham Blows More Bubbles  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:          1979

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:                  S/T

  Summary:                  Fifteen years after LFS Burnham’s assumption to power he still makes excuses and grandiose promises for a better future. The economy has virtually collapsed cost-of-living sky rockets. “Free milk and cassava for all”, food, house and clothe the nation” and “the small man will become the real man”, have all failed miserably. Statistical lies and more bubbles Burnham blows. The path to recovery requires drastic changes end to minority rule, police methods of rule, corrupt and discriminatory practices. Sound domestic and foreign policies are needed. As in the past, new promises will not materialize.



  id#                           2923

  Title:                       Letter re: Grenada and Guyana

  Year Written:           1979/09

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:                     Letter



  id#                           2924

  Title:                       PNC's Electioneering Bait - PPP press statement

  Year Written:          1979/01/05

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:                   PPP press statement