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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1977

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1977 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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id#     2701

  Title:  Letter to President Arthur Chung - February 3, 1977

  Year Written:   1977/02/03

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan protested to President Arthur Chung and Prime Minister Burnham over the non adherence to commitments given at the 1968 Constitutional Conference. The opposition, when and if consulted has not seen any of its recommendations from Commissions it had been appointed to. Discrimination in appointments and promotions are blatant. Trained persons – nurses and others are migrating.


  id#  2702

  Title:   Destabilisation, Intervention and Peoples' Militia 

  Year Written:  1977/03/13

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8

  Summary:  Since the overthrow of the Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende in Chile in 1973, destabilization has become common. A number of measures are in place to deal with revolutionary democratic or socialist oriented governments. CIA foments strikes, riots, sabotage, blackouts, overt and covert measures, etc. A number of US intervention/ aggression are cited the world over to execute the Churchill – McArthyite mission of witch-hunting, containment and overthrowing progressive, socialist or non capitalist regimes.


  id#    2703

  Title:    Speech in the National Assembly - 1977

  Year Written:   1977/04

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Press Statement

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan issues comprehensive Press statements on the morass Guyana finds itself in under the PNC. All its Development Plans and promises to the people have failed. Guyana’s domestic and foreign policies do not offer hope for a progressive non capitalist path of development and socialism. Dr. Jagan identifies 17 points which can save Guyana.


   id#     2704

  Title:    Activities in Guyana Relating to World Peace Movement

  Year Written:  1977/04/23

  Place Delivered:  Guyana


  Summary:  Dr. Jagan was appointed a member of the World Peace Council Presidential Committee in 1953 after his party won 18 out of 24 seats and formed the government. Even before the formation of the PPP, Dr. Jagan used the organ of the Political Affairs Committee Dec 26, 1949 issue to champion the cause for World Peace. The Cold War warriors used the PPP’s and Dr. Jagan’s commitment to world peace as an excuse to deny and destabilize/overthrow the 133 days government. 


  id#     2705

  Title:    The PNC in Shambles

  Year Written:   1977/04/17

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 7

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan provides revealing facts to prove that the PNC is in shambles. It has failed the Guyanese masses - at the economic and social levels and thus its strategy at the political level is also in chaos. Dr. Jagan proposes a 17 points programme to forge national unity and to rescue Guyana and place it in a progressive path of development and national reconstruction.


  id#    2706

  Title:    Transnationals Plunder Caribbean

  Year Written:   1977/06

  Place Delivered:  Guyana


  Summary:   This is a very carefully studied research by Dr. Jagan in which he brings out the plunder of the Caribbean by transnationals. The case of Guyana is highlighted also. The details and figure reveal the movement of finance as super profits from the Caribbean. In the quest for long term domination, the transnationals also foster the interests of the petty bourgeois regimes. Be it agriculture or minerals, the transnationals dominate. The super exploitation and drain of capital would undoubtedly lead to a revolutionary upsurge.


   id#     2707

  Title:  Address at 29th Anniversary of Enmore Martyrs

  Year Written:   1977/06/16

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:    Speech

  Summary:  On the 29th Anniversary of the gunning down of workers at Enmore, the sacrifices of the martyrs are reflected on and the current situation brought into focus. The just rewards for all workers are highlighted.

  id#     2708

  Title:    Enmore Martyrs

  Year Written:   1977/06/16

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:      Straight Talk

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan addressed the plight of sugar workers in Straight Talk on the 29th Anniversary of the shooting of the sugar workers at Enmore. He cited inflation and the cost of living which have not kept pace with increased productivity. Dr. Jagan presented a strong case for sugar workers in the national interest. In comparison, they lagged behind others.


   id#  2709

  Title:   Letter to Ombudsman - July 14, 1977

  Year Written:    1977/07/14

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:  Letter

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan protested to the ombudsman the government’s refusal to grant permission to the PPP for the use of Government Schools for Conferences and Cultural activities. He referred to instances where planned activities had to be cancelled due to non responses to applications made long before the actual events. A letter, similar in tone was addressed to the Prime Minister, subsequently. Dr. Jagan also sought permission from the two Radio stations to deal with the need for a “National Patriotic Front” and “National Patriotic Front Government”.


id#        2710

  Title:    Press Statement - Call for National Patriotic Front Govt.

  Year Written:  1977/08/09

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Press Statement

  Summary:    The case for a National Patriotic Front and National Front Government outlined from a progressive and ant- imperialist perspective to defend the sovereignty of Guyana and set it on a course of progress. The world situation is analysed and its impact on Guyana gave rise to a 15 point minimum programme.


  id#     2711

  Title:     Letter to Andrew Young, US Ambassador to U.N

  Year Written:   1977/08/10

  Place Delivered:  USA

  Medium:  Letter

  Summary:     Dr. Jagan writes an open letter to Mr. Andrew Young – US Ambassador to UN – to express the PPP’s appreciation that he would visit Guyana among the 10 Latin American and Caribbean nations. He cites several references on rigged and fraudulent elections in Guyana. Violations of workers and farmers choice of popular organizations and discrimination are rampant. Human rights are violated. Jagan warns the USA again for condoning violations in favour of imperialist expediency.


  id#       2712

  Title:    Guyana - A Reply to Critics

  Year Written:   1977/09

  Place Delivered:    UK

  Medium:     Printed in "Monthly Review Pg 36

  Summary:   The PPP and PNC are not the same, Dr. Jagan re-affirms – the PPP from its inception was a revolutionary democratic party led by Marxists-Leninists. From 1969 it is being transformed into a Leninist type of party. PPP has always been the ideological vanguard and playing the leading and most influential role in the English speaking Caribbean. The PNC was constituted by the defectors, rightist faction of the PPP and the conservative reactionary United Democratic Party. They were allied to colonialism. Jagan showed how Guyana was “given” independence under the PNC and the continuation of neo-colonialist rule followed with pro-imperialist domestic and foreign policies. PNC strategies were in favour of imperialism. It opportunistically shifted to different ideological positions at times.


  id#      2713

  Title:    Letter to Delegates of 2nd Assembly of Caribbean Council

  Year Written:  1977/11/16

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:    Letter

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan welcomes Delegates of the Second Assembly of the Caribbean Council of Churches to Guyana. He urges them to go beyond the traditionally exposed four freedoms – speech, assembly, worship and press Freedom from fear and freedom from want are equally important. There is a lack of democracy, racial and political discrimination and denial of human rights leading to social and economic degradation. A National Front Government is the key to end economic chaos and dictatorship. Jagan supports his view by availing supplementary materials - details.


  id#    2714

  Title:     The Grenada Declaration & the Future of the West Indies

  Year Written:  1977

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:   Dr. Jagan analyses the Grenada Declaration and the future of the West Indies. He tabulates arguments in favour of and opposition of a political union. The position of the Right and Left – demagogy and Reality and the Way forward are looked at. Oppose imperialist manoeuvres. Build a vanguard – Marxist – Leninist type of Party.


   id#      2715

  Title:      PPP Press Statement - October 8, 1977

  Year Written:  1977/10/08

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:    Press Statement

  Summary:     PP Press Statement of Oct 8, 1977 debunked claims by PNC spokesperson about democracy, and the various freedoms, in Guyana. The dictatorial and neo-fascist type of rule have characterized Guyana as being far from democratic. A well documented release.

  id#   2716

  Title:    Violation of Trade Union Rights in Guyana -Draft

  Year Written:  1977/07

  Place Delivered:   Guyana


  Summary:   This Draft on the Violation of Trade Union Rights in Guyana offers a history of the development of Trade Unionism. It shows the CIA involvement in the overthrow of the PPP 1953 government. The TUC has changed allegiance to the workers in favour of siding with the PNC which historically has its roots in opportunism, pragmatism and nationalism – a chosen instrument of imperialism. This article details various hardships faced by progressive trade unions. The record of the PNC and the denial of basic trade union rights are also chronicled –the basics of an anti working- class regime.


   id#     2717

  Title:     Speech by Dr. Jagan in National Assembly

  Year Written:    1977

  Place Delivered:

  Medium:    Speech

  Summary:    An invitation to Dr. Jagan by the St. Andrew Theological College to participate in the International Sugar Workers Conference in Trinidad – July 23-28, 1977.


  id#    2718

  Title:    Speech on 1977  income and expenditure estimates

  Year Written: 1977

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:  Speech by Dr. Jagan in which he addressed the 1977 income and expenditure estimates. The new strategy of imperialism to move away from the crude Puerto Rican model to an emphasis on reformism – partnership, regional integration, dependant capitalism, etc industrial –agricultural development. There will be greater burden on the people. There is need for a political solution. Any constitutional manipulation will be stoutly resisted.