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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1976

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1976 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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id#   2601

  Title:  Speech at 25th Congress of CPSU in Moscow

  Year Written:   1976/02

  Place Delivered:  USSR

  Medium:  Speech

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan addressed 25th Congress of the CPSU in Moscow. He glorified the path traversed by the Communist Party in building the first workers state and the dynamic changes, development and achievements in a relatively  short space of time as compared to the centuries under capitalism. Dr. Jagan criticized right and left opportunism, revisionism and deviationism. He sounded the hope for deepening relations between the CPSU and the PPP and hailed Marxism/Leninism and Proletarian Internationalism.


   id#     2602

  Title:  25th CPSU Congress - Landmark of Human Progress 

  Year Written:   1976

  Place Delivered:

  Medium:   Straight Talk

  Summary: Dr. Jagan writes on the 25th CPSU Congress as a Landmark of Human Progress. Socialism’s, economic growth rate is compared with the bulwarks of capitalism – Britain, USA, France, West Germany. Marxism and Revisionism, Peaceful co-existence, sovereignty and internationalism as well as the arms race and the struggle of the peoples of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.


   id#    2603

  Title:   May Day Speech 1976

  Year Written:  1976/05/01

  Place Delivered: Guyana

  Medium:  Speech

  Summary:    Dr. Jagan addressed May Day Rally at National Park 1976 as Honorary President of the GAWU. He hailed Labour Day and appealed for unity and solidarity to defeat the common enemy the world over. Cuba has shown there is an alternative to capitalism in the region.


  id#    2604

  Title:  Certificate of Appointment to House of Assembly -1976

  Year Written:  1976/05/20

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Certificate

  Summary:   Certificate from President Arthur Chung on the appointment of Dr. Cheddi Jagan to the House of Assembly.


   id#   2605

  Title:  Certificate of Appointment of Leader of Opposition

  Year Written:  1976/06/1

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Certificate

  Summary:   Certificate of appointment of Dr. Jagan as Leader of the Opposition 1976.


   id#    2606

  Title:                          Does Nationalisation Mean Socialism?  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:           1975?

  Place Delivered:      Guyana

  Medium:                    Straight Talk

  Summary:                  Dr. Jagan elaborated the fundamental principles of the  socialist management of society – the production and distribution of wealth in the interest of the working class and peasants – sharing of the resources for the good of all. The PNC style of government – lack of democracy at the  state, party or industry levels and the enrichment of the PNC leadership.      


   id#    2607

  Title:   Address to CCWU 6th Annual Seminar - Role of Trade

  Year Written:   1976/07/18

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Speech

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan in a simple, but scholastic manner addresses the 6th Annual “Think In” Seminar of the CCWU on “The Role of Trade Unions in a Socialist Economy”. A detailed account follows with the trade unions playing a complementary role with the party and the state for the advancement of the welfare of the entire nation. The Guyana scenario is also dealt with.               


 id#     2608

  Title:    The Trade Unions and National Liberation

  Year Written:   1976/10/15

  Place Delivered:    Trinidad & Tobago

  Medium:   Speech

  Summary:   Address to 2nd Triennial National Convention of the National Union of Govt.& Federated Workers. “Trade Unions and National Liberation” is an address by Dr. Jagan dealing with the explosive situation in the Caribbean including Guyana, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Poverty and hunger, denial of human rights and how trade unions can and must play a role in national and social liberation. A concise account of the threat to world peace and development and need to strengthen the struggle for détente.                 


  id#    2609

  Title:   Speech on 1976 Budget Debate

  Year Written:  1976/09

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Budget Debate

  Summary:   Speaking on the 1976 Budget, Dr. Jagan said the PNC and Guyana economy are in shambles. More pressure on the working people. Government externalizes and something or someone is blamed for its failed policies. Wrong domestic and foreign policies have led to the present crisis. There is a lot of demagoguery. PNC is anti-Marxist Leninist. Socialism cannot be built without democracy. Jagan proposes a 17 point programme to move Guyana forward.


  id#   2610

  Title:  Guyana a New Stage of Struggle

  Year Written: 1976

  Place Delivered:  Guyana


  Summary:  Guyana demands a new stage in the struggle to arrest the bankrupt economy and massive hardship on the people. Widespread corruption, discrimination, squdermania, mounting crime and delinquency, etc, dominate. Only rigged and fraudulent general elections can keep the PNC in power. All promises have failed while the government tolerates split allegiances in favour of imperialism. The struggle has to be mounted on all fronts for a change and a truly democratic, independent and socialist Guyana.


  id#   2611

  Title:  Culture As a Unifying Force in Caricom

  Year Written:  1976/07

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:   Printed in "Kaie - Carifesta 76 pg 28

  Summary:   The Caribbean and elsewhere in the underdeveloped and under-developed world too many people are preoccupied in subsistence living. This acts as a deterrent to the appreciation of a coherent, satisfying culture. Domination of the economies of poor countries creates a subdued feeling that the status quo is eternal and unchangeable. Such a frame of mind perpetuates exploitation under slavery, feudalism and capitalism with the use moral rearmament. Marxism, however, views an interconnection between the basis and superstructure – in every society – re politics, ideology, culture, ethics, morality and political economy. These can be a unifying force when socialism has liberated the minds of the people to assert themselves.


  id#   2612

  Title:    Address to Presidential Committee of Guyana Peace

  Year Written:  1976/12/08-11

  Place Delivered:  Venezuela

  Medium:  Speech

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan addressed the Bureau of the Presidential Committee of the World Peace Council in Caracas. He decried the warmongers, destabilizers and the hotbeds of wars. The CIA inspired and executed sabotage of a Cuban airliner killing 76 persons was strongly condemned. He blamed US imperialism for this criminal act against socialist Cuba. Unity and solidarity to safeguard world peace for social progress is vital.


  id#   2613

  Title: Janet Jagan - 30 Years Since the PAC

  Year Written:   1976/11/06

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Printed in Thunder Jan-March 1977

  Summary:  1976 marked 30 years of the Public Affairs Committee (PAC), forerunner of the PPP. Mrs. Janet Jagan traced the historical importance of this Marxist grouping which in Nov 1946 stated its aims, amongst which, was the establishing of a strong, disciplined and enlightened party. The PAC forms part of the history of the PPP.


   id#     2614

  Title:   New Development Strategy Needed

  Year Written:   1976 circa

  Place Delivered:  Guyana


  Summary:  Dr. Jagan advocated a new development strategy if Guyana is to make social and economic progress. A scientific approach to planning and the adoption of a revolutionary policy and programme is warranted. A 6-point programme is suggested. Only the PPP in Guyana can defeat imperialism and lead the people to victory.


   id#     2615

  Title:  Peaceful Co-Existence

  Year Written:  1976

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:   Dr. Jagan traced the development in international politics, the victory of socialism and formation of the USSR. In the competing and irreconcilable world systems existence became crucial. Thus the necessity for peaceful coexistence. Peace is one of the main characteristics of socialism. Peaceful co-existence is not abandoning the class struggle, it is another form of it. It deepens and facilitates class struggles at higher levels, and in changed conditions for the conduct of such struggles.


  id#    2616

  Title:  Straight Talk - 1976

  Year Written:  1976

  Place Delivered: Guyana

  Medium: Straight Talk

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan exposes and debunks the unprincipled position of the PNC and its accommodation of imperialism. PPP is not reckless, it calls for an anti-imperialist position instead of the “fatalistic theory”. Fidel Castro and revolutionary Cuba is a living symbol as compared to the falsity theory of the PNC. Guyana needs to control its wealth. PPP advocates a political solution and a revolutionary transformation not vacillation.


  id#    2618

  Title:   Glorious Future Opening Up

  Year Written:  1976/03

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk

  Summary:   A report by Dr. Jagan on the 25th Congress of the CPSU. Delegations from 96 countries, 400 foreign guests and 4,998 delegates attended. The Congress reported the immediate objectives in home and foreign policy, the control auditing commission, the basic orientations of Economic Development of the USSR in 1976-1980and the election of the central organs of the party. L. I Brezhnev gave an overview of international developments, the work of the CPSU under new conditions. The struggle for peace, freedom. Independence and détente as well as strengthening fraternal unity. The need to find a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.


  id#    2619

  Title:  Crisis and Hardships 

  Year Written:  1976/12/25

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8+9

  Summary:   Ten years after political independence under the PNC government – Guyana faces a grave economic crisis. Only sugar would break even. Rice and Bauxite 40% and 50% down respectively. Excuses, “oil crisis”, etc would not suffice. Lack of democracy and non recognition of popular bodies as well as rigged and fraudulent elections are some reasons for the crisis, hardships and nearing economic collapse by the PNC.


  id#    2620

  Title:   Communism and Religion

  Year Written:  1976/10/10

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8+9

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan writes and defends communism and religion – the right not to profess /believe or to profess/believe in none or any religions. Religion when used as “the opium of the people should be despised. Socialist states are neutral towards religion, while they do not support religious organizations financially they do prevent their activities. We need to make the world a better place and guarantee freedom of religion.