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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1975

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1975 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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id#       2501

  Title:   We Must Exert Relentless Pressure on the PNC (Straight Talk)

  Year Written:    1975/01/05

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:    Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 6-7

  Summary:  Dr. Cheddi Jagan categorized the PNC as establishing a military bureaucratic one-party state. No wonder, instead of a peoples’ democracy it is moving towards a neo-fascist state after a two-thirds majority it gave itself in the National Assembly by extensive fraud and army seizure of the ballot boxes in the 1973 elections. PNC sand dances with utterances of “democratic socialism” when in fact it used anti-communism/Marxism as weapons against the PPP. A one-party state as in Julius Nyrere’s Tanzania where 95% of the electorate voted in favour of Nyrere is not the same as in Guyana where the PNC has a mere 10% popularity, but hijacked and stole to ensure a 2/3 majority. Guyana is moving to dictatorship with the intended change of the constitution. Dr. Jagan urges relentless pressure on the PNC.


  id#          2502

  Title:   Where Does PNC Stand? (Straight talk)

  Year Written:    1975/01/19

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:     Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 7

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan records the role of the PNC, TUC, CIA and other local personalities who aided the overthrow of the PPP 1953 PNC, masquerades with nationalization /state capitalism as socialism. PNC peddles “cooperative socialism” in keeping with imperialism’s wishes and not socialism. While its hoodwink the people, its apologists, including Joseph Pollydore claims that both the PPP and PNC are socialist, but the PNC is more clever, astute. The fact, however, is that the PNC is revisionist and sides with imperialism.


id#        2503

  Title:     Letter Re. Nehru Award

  Year Written:    1975

  Place Delivered:   India

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan nominates Mr. Romesh Chandra - Secretary General of the World Peace Council as the most deserving international figure for the Jawarharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding. Mr. Chandra working through the WPC and its contracts and various fora has been pre-eminent in promoting peace and understanding among men.



  id#      2504

  Title:    Notes for Discussion with Burnham in April 1975

  Year Written:   1975/04

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Notes

  Summary:    Notes by Dr. Jagan for discussion with Prime Minister L.F.S Burnham. The main focus is the drive for the completion of the anti-imperialist phase by the attainment of national unity and the defence of sovereignty and territorial integrity. Parliament should be a truly deliberative body. Union recognition (GAWU) and sugar workers problems must be addressed. Jagan identifies 41 subjects for lectures and papers as educational material for workers and others.


  id#      2505

  Title:   Letter Re. Burnham's Verbal Attack

  Year Written:    1975/04/7

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan responded to verbal attacks on him by Mr. L.F.S Burnham during an interview. He referred to the unprincipled and inconsistency of the PNC on matters of national importance viz nationalization of DEMBA. Jagan put in perspective the magnanimity of the PPP and failure of the PNC to heed what is good and in the interest of the general good of Guyana and its people. The PNC’s non cooperation is premised on the intention to set up a de facto, if not a de jure authoritarian, one-party state.


  id#    2506

  Title:  Positive Gains for Sugar Workers (Straight talk)

  Year Written:   1975/04/27

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 9

  Summary:   GAWU signalled its intent to the Sugar Producers’ Association and the MPCA of its support of sugar workers. It adjourned its 48 days industry wide strike in the First Crop of 1975, a prelude to its resumption in the Second Crop which led to its massive victory at the poll for Union Recognition on December 31, 1975 after 30 years of valiant struggles. Dr. Jagan advised GAWU to strengthen unity and consolidate to advance workers interest.


  id#    2507

  Title:       Address at Conference of Communist Parties of L.A. & Caribbean

  Year Written:  1975/06/9-13

  Place Delivered:    Cuba

  Medium:  Speech

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan addressed the 5 –days Conference of Communist Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean in Cuba, Fidel Castro and all others who have made hosting of the Conference. Jagan traced developments the world over and analyzed comprehensively the tasks for forging ahead. The uniqueness of the struggles everywhere does not alter, but strengthen the resolve and need for principled struggles against imperialism. Basic democracy must be preserved to influence future development. The communist parties must ensure its vanguard role and struggle on all fronts against efforts to liquidate the Party. Dr. Jagan addressed the 5 –days Conference of Communist Parties.


  id#    2508

  Title:    The Struggle for a Socialist Guyana

  Year Written:     1975

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:   Booklet of series of articles

  Summary:   A concrete analysis of Guyana’s situation and the role of the PNC. While some positive steps have been taken in domestic and foreign policies, the government has compromised the anti-imperialist, national liberation revolution and thus the socialist revolution. PPP demands all imperialist owned and controlled enterprises and companies to be nationalized. Marxism Leninism should not be revised and distorted. Mere talk of socialism must be followed by its scientific content. PPP will continue its struggle for socialism.


  id#       2509

  Title:    Address to 25 Anniversary Conference of PPP - On Critical Support

  Year Written:   1975/08/03

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Speech in Booklet

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan addresses the 25th Anniversary Conference of the PPP. He traces the historical advance of the Party and analyses the international situation economic, political/ideological developments. In Guyana’s context the situation warrants the principled critical support of the PPP to rebuff imperialism and continue in an anti-imperialist, pro-socialist direction.



  id#     2510

  Title:     Editorial for “Thunder” - August 1975

  Year Written:    1975/08

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:  Editorial

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan defends the vanguard role of the PPP in the fight against imperialism and the preservation of national sovereignty. The PPP’s “Critical Support “, is based on a principled scientific assessment of the world situation and its impact on Guyana. PPP has neither “sold out” nor “abandoned” the struggle in Guyana but continue to play a dynamic role in the struggle against imperialism and for a socialist Guyana. History of the unprincipled PNC demands that the PPP with its Marxist/ Leninist outlook, pressure the PNC to a position of anti-imperialism and socialism.


  id#      2511

  Title:    Meeting with Mass Media - August 1975  & Press Statement

  Year Written:   1975/08

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Press Statement

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan meets the Mass Media and explains that he had no meetings with Burnham, the government or the PNC. PPP plans to have wide ranging discussions at all levels of the Party. The Guyana situation is very complex and fluid. This demands a public debate on the way forward over the changes taking place, why and the possible dangers and need for a more flexible approach. PPP must influence the process to a position of anti-imperialism and socialism. PNC is unprincipled.


id#     2512

  Title:   Critical Support - Straigth Talk

  Year Written:   1975/09/14

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan explains the essence of “critical support” by the PPP. Guyana comes first. He cites experiences of others pursuing a progressive, anti-imperialist or socialist oriented path and the role of the CIA and local reactionaries. PPP role is to unite in the fight against imperialism to avoid destabilization and the tyranny of fascism. PPP is committed as a vanguard party to influence the process of alienating imperialism and forging a socialist oriented path in Guyana.



  id#      2513

  Title:    Letter to L.F.S. Burnham - December 11, 1975

  Year Written:   1975/12/11

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan writes to PNC Leader Forbes Burnham urging his party’s support of solidarity against the military and police for excesses perpetrated against members of the Communist Party of Brazil, workers and peasants. Alienation and torture to madness and death prevail. The governing PNC should express its strong disapproval of fascism as manifested in Brazil.


  id#        2514

  Title:      Imperialist Intrigues in the Caribbean Region

  Year Written:   1975

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:     Thunder Vol 8 # 1Jan-March 1976

  Summary:   An analysis by Dr. Jagan of imperialist intrigues in the Caribbean Region. The world situation is sharpening between the forces of reaction and progress with the balance in favour of socialism. A detailed account is given to show USA spending in diverse, sinister activities to prolong the enslavement of Latin America. This is a comprehensive account of the CIA/imperialist work everywhere specifics are cited.

  id#    2515

  Title:    Unity and Struggle (Straight talk)

  Year Written:   1975/12/14

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan explains from a class analysis, the right and ultra-left opportunist understanding of the PPP’s new political line of “critical support”. The fact is, they are afraid of socialism and “critical support” will see Guyanese becoming “communist” and a “second Cuba”. Examples and comparisons are made to support the scientific, Marxist/Leninist understanding and approach to conducting struggles using the prevailing specifics, but keeping in line the constant struggle against imperialism. It is therefore incumbent for an understanding of the Marxist/Leninist philosophy, the laws of dialectical materialism and the category of “unity and struggle”.


   id#      2516

  Title:     Janet Jagan - Women in the Struggle

  Year Written: 1975/09

  Place Delivered:   Barbados

  Medium:    Thunder Jan-March 1976

  Summary:    International Women’s year 1975, Janet Jagan addressed a seminar on women under the auspices of the Caribbean Council of Churches, in Barbados. She reflected on the status of Caribbean women and urged participants to wage the struggle to ensure a social system that reflects al the freedoms. Only in Cuba can women be seen to be fully free and enjoying full equality among the rest of society.


  id#        2517

  Title:       Article in Suriname Newspaper (In Dutch)

  Year Written:   1975

  Place Delivered:   Suriname


  Summary:    Article in Dutch – Suriname daily. Not printed



    id#        2518

  Title:      How I Came to Know Lenin

  Year Written:  1975?

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:  Dr. Jagan traced how he came to know Lenin. He recounted his early experience as a product of the sugar plantocracy at Plantation Port Mourant where the class struggles was at its sharpest and the marked social division between the managers and workers, exploiters and exploited. In the USA he was confronted with the question of colour - the whites and the Coloureds. He read Nehru, Gandhi and others but has not developed an understanding and world outlook of events, developments in society viz. Classes and the Class struggle, Revolution and the role of the Individual (and masses) to influence change and bring an end to exploitation. He purchased a few publications and studied what Lenin said about societies, classes, class struggle and the state. Only from then a new horizon was opened to him – the answers to dedicate his life to struggles and social change. 



  id#      2519

  Title:   Address at 7th Conference of Trade Unions of Agricultural, Forestry and Plantation Workers

  Year Written:    1975/05

  Place Delivered:    Moscow, USSR

  Medium:   Speech

  Summary:    Dr. Jagan – Honorary President of Guyana Agricultural Workers’ Union (GAWU) addressed the V11 Conference of Agricultural, Forestry and Plantation Workers – Trade Union gathering in Moscow – May 1975. He drew attention to the deepening crises of capitalism, food shortages (hunger), poverty, unemployment and the attendant ills under capitalism the world over. Guyana’s crises were comprehensively dealt with – labour industry, agriculture, social problems, etc.

  id#      2520

  Title:    Rising Confrontation in Guyana

  Year Written:    1975?

  Place Delivered:  Guyana


  Summary:    Dr. Jagan identified a Guyana with mounting social, economic and political crisis. Pro-imperialist economic planning strategies and unsound domestic and foreign policies have led to a drop in production and exports. Rising prices, underemployment etc are plaguing the society. Compared to similar periods, the PPP made tremendous progress and improved the quality of life of Guyanese, than the PNC. Rigged and fraudulent general elections have convinced the people of the nature of the PNC. Nothing better should be expected. In the not too distant future the forces against PNC oppression, will triumph Dr. Jagan carefully analysed.


  id#      2521

  Title:     Notes for Discussion with P.M. Burnham on National Unity

  Year Written:   1975?

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:    Notes

  Summary:   Notes by Dr. Cheddi Jagan in preparation for a meeting with Prime Minister Burnham – National Unity, National Assembly, GAWU and Sugar Workers, Workers Education.



  id#      2522

  Title:     No Future for Pragmatism and Rightist Opportunism

  Year Written:   1975

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:    Dr. Jagan debunks Pragmatism and Rightist opportunism and sees no future for such tendencies and deviations in Guyana or the WPA.

  id#         2523

  Title:      Peter Pays for Forbes  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:  1975?

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:    Straight Talk

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan exposes the PNC for trying to fool that nation the fuel crises is the cause for their troubles. Devaluation and taxation are treated also.



  id#    2524

  Title:    Cuba's Role in the Caribbean Community  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:  1975 ?

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk

  Summary:  Cuba and the other Caribbean countries have a common background – their economies dominated by sugar and slave labour with foreign domination, exploitation and abominable social and economic conditions Dr. Jagan provided a true analysis to show how Cuba has moved ahead. Cuba must be emulated for progress.



  id#      2525

  Title:    Burnham and Frei  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:  1975?

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:    Straight Talk

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan draws a parallel to Guyana’s Burnham and Chile’s Frei. Both leaders rule by sloganeering, demagogy and reformism. They embrace imperialism and use rhetoric to camouflage the masses, but the people’s consciousness is growing.


  id#        2526

  Title:   Notes from the Caribbean

  Year Written:               1975?

  Place Delivered:

  Medium:   Notes

  Summary:    In his notes from the Caribbean, Dr. Jagan points to the growing unpopularity of Prime Minister Eric Williams. Left unity is essential, coupled with an alliance of all progressive, democratic and anti-imperialist forces to confront the reactionary elements. Jagan met with the small groupings which made up the political opposition.


id#        2527

  Title:  What makes the PNC Run  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:    1975/01/12

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:     Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 6-7

  Summary:    PNC demagogy leads to confusion among those who are not ideologically developed. PNC is not a party of principle. It wavers and moves pragmatically and opportunistically. Pressure from the PPP to expose the PNC and workers pressure have influenced some half hearted change. PNC sand dances when it comes to taking principled, progressive policies/positions.



  id#      2528

  Title:     Socialism Cannot Come with Military-bureaucratic Rule 

  Year Written:   1975/02/02

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 4

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan argues strongly the point that the foundation of socialism is democracy and not military – bureaucratic rule as practiced by the PNC regime. He refers to the Chilean experience under Salvador Allende and Fidel Castro who attacked the opportunists who peddled the so called “fatalistic theory” that a revolution is impossible because a country is in the American sphere of influence. PNC vacillates from forging an anti-imperialist direction. It must work for a political solution as the PPP and majority population cannot be wised away.

  id#       2529

  Title:   Socialism and State Capitalism (Straight talk)

  Year Written:    1975/02/23

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:    Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8

  Summary:   Nationalization is not socialism. It can lead to state capitalism or socialism. It goes deeper – into how state power is exercised and how is the surplus created by the workers, distributed? Democracy exists under socialism where political power is in the hands of the working class and farmers. There is no democracy under the PNC in Guyana. Foreign ownership of the commanding heights of the economy must be nationalized and the PNC must not enrich its bureaucracy by practicing state capitalism. Guyana needs socialism.


  id#       2530

  Title:     Letter to Editor Sunday Graphic - Aug 23, 1975

  Year Written:   1975/08/23

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:    letter



 id#        2531

  Title:      More on Differences Between PPP and PNC  (Straight talk)

  year written       1976?/07

  place delivered     Guyana

  Medium:      Straight Talk

  Summary:     “More on differences between the PPP and the PNC” describes the emphasis, focus and style of both parties. By contrast, Dr. Jagan reflects on corruption, land reforms and trade. Basic to agriculture – availability of land and water control.