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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1974

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1974 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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id#     2401

  Title:  Letter to Editor, Chicago Tribune - Jan 7, 1974

  Year Written:   1974/01/07

  Place Delivered:  USA

  Medium:  Letter

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan wrote the Chicago Tribune to correct impressions Dr. ELC Broomes that Indians are  comfortable under PNC rule and they have ensured Burnham a landslide victory in the July 16, 1973 elections. Rights and liberties and the rule of law have been trampled on. It was an army take over of the ballot boxes. The election was neither free nor fair and Dr. Jagan furnished specifics to prove that fact.


  id#    2402

  Title:  Race, Class and Ideology

  Year Written:   1974/03

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:  Printed in booklet "Race and Politics in Guyana

  Summary:   In the turmoil and intense political upheaval together with the scientific and technological revolution, there is no economic and social progress. The masses are alienated and living conditions have deteriorated. There is much confusion amidst these developments. To understand the erroneous and unscientific viewpoints, Dr. Jagan submits that a true appreciation must be obtained of race, class and ideology. Only thus, can a correct interpretation of developments and the role played by various groups can be known. The PPP will work for unity and untied action against racism and capitalism.


  id#   2403

  Title:    More and More Excuses  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:   1974/03/31

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:    Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 3

  Summary:   The PNC blames everything else for its deficiencies – fuel crisis, world sufferings, the people, etc. This is a falsehood. While the socialist world is ensuring all round benefits to its peoples, the capitalist world is in stagnation and in deepening economic crises. The ugly Guyana scenario is precipitated by unsound policies by an unrepresentative, corrupt regime. Fundamental people’s involvement and correct policies and more democracy can move Guyana forward, Dr. Jagan proposes.


  id#     2404

  Title:   PNC Puts Heavier Burden  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:     1974/04/07

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5

  Summary:   PNC unleashes heavier burdens on the nation after 9 years of unsound, bankrupt and rotten policies. A typical neo-colonialist economy – greater imports and falling exports. Half truths and the weather are blamed for depressing production levels. Drainage and irrigation are compromised much to the suffering of farmers. Huge balance of payment deficits, poor industrial relations and strikes. Guyanese must fight: Dr. Jagan urges the fight for new government and a new deal


  id#     2406

  Title:    Cost-of-living Soars  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:  1974/04/14

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:  Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 7

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan compares the cost of living figures of the 1957-1964 (PPP) to 1965-1973 (PNC) periods to demonstrate the superiority of the PPP administration and greater good to the people. Guyanese working people are suffering under the PNC. It blames external factors and black-marketing for rising local prices. Guyanese must fight for new benefits, policies and a new government.

  id#    2407

  Title:   PNC Poses as Friends of Farmers  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:  1974/04/21

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 4

  Summary:   While farmers are suffering through unsound policies, the PNC shamelessly poses as their friends. Actually, the PNC has been the enemy of the farmers in general and the rice farmers in particular. The PNC and Burnham sandances and sabotaged the Hutchinson and PPP sound plans for drainage and hurled racist invectives. Farmers’ organizations must be recognized as a start to reverse the present crises.


  id#   2408

  Title:   Activities in Guyana Relating to the World Peace

  Year Written:  1974/04/23

  Place Delivered:  Guyana


  Summary:  Dr. Jagan and the PAC and PPP have supported and carried out activities in Guyana relating to the World Peace Movement. Protests and solidarity activities against war, persecution of freedom fighters, independence. The wrath of the Cold War affected the PPP democratically elected government in 1953 and 1964 because of its association with the World Peace Council, World Federation of Trade Unions, Women’s International Democratic Federation and World Federation of Democratic Youth – progressive world groupings.



  id#    2410

  Title:  Address to 8th PYO Congress - Our Youths are in the Fighting Ranks

  Year Written:  1974/04

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Speech

  Summary:   Address to 8th PYO Congress by Dr. Cheddi Jagan – General Secretary of the PPP. He analysed the critical time in Guyana’s history under the corrupt, anti-working class, pro-imperialist and racist regime. All promises have failed. A comparison of the PPP 7 year period is compared to that of the PNC’s and its incapacity to advance the county and welfare of the people. Dr. Jagan criticises the excuses, short sighted and diversionary moves. The youths – PYO has the responsibility to fight for all round betterment and for a new government with a revolutionary domestic and foreign policies.


  id#   2411

  Title:   Mere Broken Promises  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:  1974/04/28

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 4

  Summary:  Dr. Cheddi Jagan cites several plans and promises by the PNC. He proves that they are more broken promises. Its 1964 Manifesto – “New Road” to immediately undertaken the rebuilding of the Georgetown Hospital and to bring first class Medicare within the reach of every Guyanese, is still a dream 10 years later.


  id#    2412

  Title:   Guyana - Conversation with Cheddi Jagan

  Year Written:    1974/05/15

  Place Delivered:  USA

  Medium:   Interview - Printed in "Tricontinental" May 1974

  Summary:   In an interview by TNS in New York, Dr. Jagan discusses Guyana, Cuba and the Caribbean. He explains why Burnham established diplomatic relations with Cuba, as in the case of China, when the US had given the okay relations with China. Cuba is a beacon of example and hope, unlike the Caribbean via Caricom/Carifta where the everything goes in duty free. The Puerto Rican, ECLA and Alliance for Progress – models have failed. Cuba, with CMEA and other socialist countries, has a different economic planning model from the Caribbean. Guyana lags behind.


   id#      2413

  Title:   Notes for Talks with Rand Corporation in May 1974

  Year Written:   1974/05

  Place Delivered:   USA

  Medium:   Notes

  Summary:  Notes by Dr. Jagan in preparation for his talks with Rand Corporation in California 1974. They reflect on the world’s problems caused by the USA and basic reasons for consequences. Guyana, Latin America and the Caribbean yearn for democracy, free and fair elections and a policy of non intervention. Peaceful co-existence is developing between the two major world systems and US foreign policy must normalize relations with Cuba.


   id#     2414

  Title:  Interview with Dr. Jagan - People's World

  Year Written:   1974/06/01

  Place Delivered:   USA

  Medium:  Interview - People's World Pg 3

  Summary:    Dr. Cheddi Jagan very authoritatively gives an interview with representatives of Peoples World. He discusses the role of the CIA in Chile and Guyana under Salvador Allende and himself, respectively. The CIA uses race, fear, and deceit, overt and covert measures, not excluding terror, violence and murder at the behest of US imperialism. A factual documentation.

  id#    2415

  Title:    Cooperative Socialism  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:   1974/06/09

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:   Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 6

  Summary:   Dr. Cheddi Jagan – a genuine Marxist/Leninist theoretician, exposes the falsehood of the PNC that socialism will come to Guyana via cooperatives. This is unscientific and was debunked by Frederick Engels in his classic “socialism: Utopian and Scientific”. Engels is the co-founder of Marxism which was developed by him and Karl Marx.



  id#     2416

  Title:    Interview by "New Times" in Moscow - June 1974

  Year Written:   1974

  Place Delivered:  USSR

  Medium:   Interview

  Summary:   Dr, Cheddi Jagan reflects on a number of topical international issues to a NEW TIMES correspondent in Moscow. He discusses Détente and its advantages to the national liberation movement and policies of the newly independent countries. Détente has allowed new initiatives and changes – the easing of tensions and opportunities for peace negotiations. Détente is not “collusion of the superpowers”. It offers the progressive forces worldwide to conduct the international class struggle at a new and higher level. Imperialism will not surrender its positions and privileges and a broad anti imperialist front must be forged against it.


   id#       2417

  Title:   The Bauxite Whirl  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:    1974/06/30

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:    Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 7

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan’s keen research and knowledge of the operations of multinational monopolies reveal that bauxite producing countries have been greatly exploited through manipulation and price-fixing. While such countries remain poor, vast sums of super profits have been extracted. In Guyana, the PNC government signed a sell out agreement to allow Reynolds Guyana Mines Ltd to pay a yearly tax of $1/2 million (G) while it netted a profit of US $45 million in 1973.

  id#     2418

  Title:    Trinidad Smelter - Who Will Gain?  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:   1974/07/07

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 6

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan brings out the powerlessness of West Indian governments to protect consumers against the rapacious oil monopolies, who will gain from a smelter jointly owned by the government of Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and sighted in the latter? Production of Aluminum by hydro is cheaper than that of gas, coal and oil. Therefore, the smelter in Trinidad would not be able to complete with Canada and the USA. Plans to use hydro power in Guyana with Cuban assistance were dashed when the PPP was cheated out of government in 1964. Guyana broke relations with Cuba by the PNC government, and the project was abandoned.



  id#     2419

  Title:    Smelter - Chaff or Grain  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:    1974/07/21

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 6+7

  Summary:   Same as #2418 Dr. Jagan warns Guyanese against the idea of a joint owned aluminum plant in Trinidad and Tobago. This will benefit the imperialists with the most minimal benefits going to the host country. Imperialism has varied its tactics, but the outflow of super profits remains its main concern, This is substantiated with details by Dr. Jagan. 

  id#     2420

  Title:   Guyana Smelter  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:  1974/07/28

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 7

  Summary:  Talk about a smelter by joint ownership is on the air now for Guyana Because of PPP‘s criticisms Dr. Jagan points out that budgetary allocation in the PNC government. Development plan has provided for hydro electricity, adequate drainage and irrigation. Imperialism does not want to finance the aluminum plant and or hydro in Guyana. Had the anti-imperialist, pro-socialist PPP government continued, aid from the Soviet Union and other socialist countries would have been forthcoming to build the hydro projects.


  id#     2421

  Title:    Letter to Editor, Express - July 9, 1974

  Year Written:  1974/07/09

  Place Delivered:   Trinidad

  Medium:  Letter

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan writes the Editor of Trinidad Express and supports the view that Guyana and even many Caribbean countries are getting very little out of Caricom. Gasoline, Bunker C fuel, gas oil, cooking gas to the Caribbean yields exorbitant profits to the monopolies and a drain of financial resources from the region. The Caribbean needs integration, but it must redound to meaningful benefit.


   id#     2422

  Title:   Letter to Editor, Guyana Graphic - July 17, 1974

  Year Written:   1974/07/17

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:    Dr. Jagan writes to point out that the tottering and bankrupt Guyana economy is the result of the PNC Government not following the right policies. To blame the oil crises for the PNC’s failure is a cover-up. Cuba and the other socialist countries know of no oil crises. Things will worsen under the PNC.

  id#        2423

  Title:    Address to 18th PPP Congress

  Year Written:    1974/08/3-5

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:  Speech printed in Thunder July -Sept 1974

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan addresses the 18th Congress of the PPP. He thoroughly analysed the economic and political situation in Guyana within the context of the international situation and the struggle between the two world systems of socialism and capitalism. Party organization, women and youth affairs, Amerindian rights, solidarity as well as a number of resolutions were adopted.



  id#     2424

  Title:   Dog Chasing its Tail  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:   1974/08/11

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 6

  Summary:    The PNC tries to lend credibility to its claims that all the problems and failures are due to the fuel crises and rising prices abroad. Dr. Jagan exposes this myth. He attributes the hardships faced by the people as concomitants of anti-working class and minority rule. PNC has no solution to curb the problems.


   id#      2425

  Title:    Small Man Becoming Dead Man (Straight talk)

  Year Written:    1974/08/18

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:    Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 7

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan sees no fruition of the small man becoming the real man under the PNC. A number of changes have to be made in the area of education, health, housing, pensions, etc. Living conditions must be improved.

  id#        2426

  Title:   Rodney's Case Part of Overall Plan (Straight talk)

  Year Written:   1974/08/25

  Place Delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:   Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 6

  Summary:   Refusal to employ Dr. Walter Rodney, an eminent Guyanese scholar is a political act, by the regime and must be investigated. A relentless campaign must be immediately mounted to reverse the decision. Dr. Jagan says the act is not an isolated one. History is replete with examples when dictatorships do their utmost to suppress and isolate progressives.



  id#       2427

  Title:    A Crisis of Confidence

  Year Written:    1974/09/10

  Place Delivered:    Guyana


  Summary:  Pre 1973 election promises failed like all other targets projected. The failure of the PNC government economic planning is due to its domestic and foreign trade policies which are anti-working class and pro-imperialist. Guyana is tied to the capitalist world, thus its woes, declared Dr. Jagan. The struggle is gaining momentum and ultimately a truly representative and revolutionary national-democratic government would be established.


  id#      2428

  Title:     Letter to Sunday Argosy -Draft

  Year Written:  1974?

  Place Delivered:

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:  Draft of a letter by Dr. Jagan to Sunday Argosy. To clear him from articles appearing in that paper to malign him as an individual devoid of principles and grasping for money. Dr. Jagan gives a most dispassionate revelation and without acrimony, his personal earnings and local/international itinerary. This is Cheddi Jagan - a man of honesty, facts and peace.


  id#      2429

  Title:    PNC Has a Rightist-Racialist Past

  Year Written:   1974?

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:  Dr. Jagan traces the origins of the PNC most comprehensively. Its rightist – racist, opportunist and dealings with the CIA is also cited. PNC’s Domestic and Foreign Policy and ideological sand-dancing, do not presuppose that its ideas are based on Marx, Engels and Lenin PNC cannot take Guyana to Socialism.


  id#     2430

  Title:   The Role of the Opposition in the Caribbean

  Year Written:   1974?

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:  Dr. Jagan charges the opposition in the Commonwealth Caribbean to use its parliamentary democracy and to play an important role in the present revolutionary era. The Caribbean is in political turmoil and it should not face prey to geographical fatalism. The struggle for Democracy is traced. Anti-communism and overthrow of the PPP government in 1953, role of the CIA in Guyana and elsewhere are referred to. The PNC’s anti working class, dictatorial measures growing industrial problems and the contemplation of a “socialist constitution” are gaining momentum.


   id#     2431

  Title:      Letter to Jane Fonda - March 7, 1974

  Year Written:  1974/03/07

  Place Delivered:

  Medium:  Letter

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan thanks Jane Fonda of the Indochina Peace Campaign for the Bulletin sent to him. He updates Ms. Fonda on the July 16, 1973 Army Intervention in Guyana’s General Elections and the political and economic situation. Hopes to visit Jane Fonda should the “miracle happen” – getting a visa.

  id#        2432

  Title:      Letter to Commissioner of Police - October 15, 1974

  Year Written:   1974/10/15

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:    Dr. Jagan writes the Commissioner of Police to protest the search of his residence by a party of policemen, armed and unarmed. There was no declared state of emergency. As a public figure and former Premier of Guyana, Dr. Jagan wondered how much worse abuse ordinary citizens may have suffered. The police were more interested in the private correspondence of Dr. and Mrs. Jagan. Dr. Jagan asked the Commissioner to direct that all documents unwarrantedly removed from his home be immediately returned.



  id#      2433

  Title:   Press Statement  Re. Police Search of Home

  Year Written:    1974/08

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Press statement

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan issues a detailed Press Statement covering a most undignified Gestapo type of police operation. They took away diaries, address books and letters. Police harassment!



  id#     2434

  Title:    Throw Out the Deceivers (Straight talk)

  Year Written:   1974/03/24

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Straight talk printed in "Mirror" pg 7

  Summary:   Guyanese were told less than a year ago – during the infamous 1973 General Elections how things were so good and all would be fed, housed and clothed by 1976. However, 1974 reveals a sordid status quo of the economy and decay. Sugar and bauxite production trends paint a gloomy picture. Dr. Jagan points to worsening standards – the inevitable result of 9 years of pro-imperialist economic planning strategy, racist, anti-working class and pro capitalist/pro imperialist policies of the PNC regime.

  id#      2435

  Title:    Open Letter to Sugar Workers

  Year Written:    1974

  Place Delivered:

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:    Dr. Jagan congratulates sugar workers for their militancy in answering the strike call. He compares conditions to that of their counterparts in the Caribbean and renews the call for a minimum wage and other related incentives and work opportunities throughout the year. Dr. Jagan echoes the call for unity and solidarity and the battle cry of NO MONEY NO SUGAR.



  id#       2436

  Title:   Why a Leninist Type of Party

  Year Written:   1974?

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:  Dr. Jagan provides an authentic analysis why a Leninist type of Party is a necessity for Guyana and elsewhere. Such an organization only is capable to educate the masses for the vanguard role to end all forms reaction, exploitation and injustices – to bring an end to colonialism, complete the national liberation struggle and build socialism.



  id#      2437

  Title:    A Struggle for National Liberation and its Implications

  Year Written:    1974?

  Place Delivered:


  Summary:   Dr. Jagan identifies the main opposing forces – fascism, reaction and socialism, democracy and national independence during the titanic battles of World War II. Winston Churchhill – spokesperson for imperialism and his “containment of socialism and progress” was in fact, to maintain the empire, colonialism and the imperialist stranglehold in the post war era. Dr. Jagan cites events/upheavals the world over and the persecution of nationalist leaders. A well researched article depicting imperialism’s Cold War dealings on the global outreaches.

  id#      2438

  Title:    PNC Caused Hardships  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:   1974

  Place Delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:    Straight talk

  Summary:  The PNC itself acknowledges how bad things have become, but alludes it to being a world phenomenon, thus duping all Guyanese. The fact is there are two worlds – the capitalist, in constant crises and, the socialist, constantly improving the quality of life of everyone. Guyanese under the PNC is tied like other third world countries with a dependency on the capitalist world. No wonder, rising prices. The opposite happens in Cuba which buys its essentials from the Soviet Union at a constant stable price. Dr. Jagan points to PNC’s hypocrisy when it talks of non-alignment and predicts that conditions will worsen under the PNC. Working class militancy and policy can bring about a revolutionary change.



  id#       2439

  Title:    Partial Success Gained by Sugar Workers  (Straight talk)

  Year Written:   1974/04

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Straight talk

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan analyses the adjourned strike of sugar workers after 48 days. He identifies partial success and positive gains. The strike was a strong message to the MPCA and GSPA that GAWU commands majority support and should be recognized. Support, solidarity and discipline overcame the weapon of starvation by the PNC regime and GSPA. Dr. Jagan declares that with determination, unity and disciplined struggle, sugar workers are bound to win.



id#       2440

  Title:     Disrupting the Non-Aligned Movement (Straight talk)

  Year Written:    1974?

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:    Straight talk

  Summary:    The nefarious role of the imperialist and their allies to consistently obstruct the work of the non-aligned Movement from its very inception. Dr. Jagan also states that imperialism is afraid of countries opting for self determination. He quotes Cuban Foreign Minister who sees imperialism as the real and sole source of poverty, injustice, discrimination, scorn, backwardness, brutality and aggression. The Maoist line to divide the movement and two super power theories is adequately dealt with by President Fidel Castro. He debunked the Maoist line. The principles and goals of the non-align movement is reaffirmed.


  id#        2441

  Title:    Tactics and Strategy (Straight talk)

  Year Written:    1974?

  Place Delivered:     Guyana

  Medium:    Straight talk

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan debunked the statement of LFS Burnham that there is no difference between the PPP and PNC in strategy, but Tactics. PNC in words and deeds are different. PNC is not anti-imperialist. Burnham’s demagogy and blackmail and PNC’s pro imperialist and foreign policies have led to grave disillusionment, frustration discontentment and mounting pressure. PNC has no comprehensive strategy to confront imperialism. Dr. Jagan elaborates seven main areas which the PPP considers as an all-embracing anti imperialist, pro socialist strategy. Marxism and Revisionism by VI Lenin is referred to.


   id#     2442

  Title:     Statement by Guyana Peace Council

  Year Written:    1974/04/26

  Place Delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:     Statement by Guyana Peace Council