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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1973

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1973 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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   id#    2301

  Title:  Salute to Paul Robeson

  Year written:  1973

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Tribute

  Summary: Dr. Jagan hails the great actor, singer and courageous champion of the poor. Progressive mankind the world over love and respect Robeson for his life-long fight for liberation and against poverty and injustice. He was once   “an exile in his own land”.  Jagan and Robeson remained life long friends.


  id#      2302

  Title:  The Mass Media in Guyana

  Year written:  1973/02/08

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Thunder Jan-March 1973

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan reflects on the Mass Media, what the Constitution of Guyana says and what is the situation in reality. He tabulates the infractions by the government and cites the numerous methods used to stifle dissent and press freedom. Government controls the media. Full freedom of the media is an absolute essential.


  id#       2303

  Title:   PNC is Pro-Imperialist  (Straight talk)

  Year written:   1973/03/25

  Place delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 3

  Summary:  Burnham and the PNC claim to be socialist, but history and practice have revealed contrary experiences. Why the governments of Chile under Allende, Provisional Revolutionary government of South Vietnam, North Korea and the GDR are not recognized? Moreover, the admiration of Burnham from the White House and others who are reaching out to “make” friends in the Third World PNC is pro-imperialist.


 id#     2304

  Title:  Grave Problems Facing the People

  Year written:  1973/03

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium: Thunder - April-July 1973

  Summary: Dr. Jagan analyses comprehensively the reversal of the liberal and progressive trade policies of the PPP government. PNC must be blamed for its faulty economic  planning strategy, pro-imperialist, anti-working class trade, fiscal, monetary, industrial and agricultural policies. Corruption, squandermania and discrimination are rampant.Grave problems facing the people.


  id#   2305

  Title:   LDC's - A Colony Within a Semi-colony  (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1973/04/15

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror"

  Summary:  Compromise alone will not solve the deep-seated contradictions which exist in the LDCs. A revolutionary approach is necessary or else they will continue to be a colony within a semi colony. Unity is needed in the Caribbean to move on. Wherever economic/trade blocs exist, they either contribute to greater dependency under imperialism’s designs or to mutually gain from any integration. eg. COMECON/CMEA


  id#    2306

  Title:  PPP's Foundations for Progress Destroyed by PNC

  Year written:  1973/06/17

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Speech

  Summary:  PNC with its reformist/capitalist orientation has destroyed the seven years foundation for progress laid by the PPP. This is a very instructive document of sabotaging progress as Guyana was geared for rapid progress. Vote solidly for the PPP


  id#  2307

  Title:   Letter to Editor, Sunday Graphic - June 21, 1973

  Year written:  1973/06/21

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium: Letter

  Summary: Dr. Jagan puts in perspective the “Kaldor Budget” which is aimed at easing the poor and taxing the rich. He gives details of seven years performance of the PPP as against 8 ½ years under the PNC. It is instructive for Eusi Kwayana to know that the PPP welcomes criticism, but is opposed to it being equated with the PNC.


  id#      2308

  Title:  Burnham Rules by Force and Fraud in Guyana

  Year written: 1973/07/01

  Place delivered:  Guyana


  Summary:   The 1973 Electoral Lists, like that of 1968, show padding – with non-existing and names of the dead. The PNC who controls the Election Machinery plans to again massively rig the July 16 election. The incapacity and failure to deliver has alienated the PNC. The masses are fed up with growing hardship. No wonder all the fraudulent means in place to give the PNC a “rigged victory”. Details of the intended fraud are documented. Call for unity and solidarity to vote the PNC out.


  id#      2309

  Title:   PPP Different from PNC  (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1973/07/01

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror"

  Summary:   The Rightist, Pro-capitalist Party – the United Force, claims that there is no difference between the PPP and PNC since both are the same – they are socialist. Dr. Jagan reaffirms that PPP subscribes to Marxism and the principles of Democratic Centralism. Its ideological, political economic and foreign policies are integrally linked to the principled Marxist/Leninist principles. The PNC pays lip service to socialism. It practices state capitalism. When it comes to taking a stand against imperialism it vacillates. PNC teams up with the CIA to betray national liberation; it rigs elections and uses neo-fascist methods to stay in government.


  id#    2310

  Title:  Letter to Editor, Sunday Graphic - July 3, 1973

  Year written:  1973/07/03

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Letter

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan writes the Editor of Graphic to correct misrepresentation with respect to surplus milk production and encouraging consumers to use local substitutes. The case of qualified Guyanese returning from socialist countries and not given jobs in their home country is highlighted.


  id#     2311

  Title:   Letter to Editor, Evening Post - July 11, 1973

  Year written:   1973/07/11

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary: Dr. Jagan clears the provocative impressions of Kit Nascimento on the suggestion for a Press Council – to inform public opinion and to act as a deterrent to irresponsible journalistic conduct. Such a council would have no legal power. Such bodies exist in western democracies. The advocacy of violence and terror and other ethical breaches must be publicly condemned.


  id#      2312

  Title:  Our Record is Clean - Unblemished

  Year written:  1973/07/11

  Place delivered:   Guyana


  Summary: Dr. Jagan addresses the nation five days before the July 16, 1973 elections. He traced the poor performance and treachery of the PNC from 1955 and more so from 1964. PPP record in and out of government is clean and unblemished. A very incisive account, typical of Dr. Jagan’s research and why to Vote PPP.


  id#   2313

  Title:   Broadcast - July 11, 1973

  Year written: 1973/07/11

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Broadcast

  Summary: Final Broadcast by Dr. Jagan before the infamous July 16, 1973 General Elections. The anti-working class measures, curtailment of rights and freedoms, tear gassing of bauxite and sugar workers coupled with preventative detention, etc are dealt with in details. Moving towards a police type of state, which has become synonymous with the PNC. The run up to and aftermath of the 1968 elections are living reminders not to vote for the PNC. The PPP and Dr. Jagan always stood on the side of the people and never abused power.


  id#    2314

  Title:    Army Intervention Not Election

  Year written:  1973/07/27

  Place delivered:  Guyana


  Summary:  A virtual army takeover of the July 16, 1973 General Elections. A massive fraud was shamelessly carried out. Padded voters lists inside and outside Guyana, postal and proxy voting, army seizure and tampering with ballot boxes, were some of the measures by the PNC to “ensure a victory” for them. Two young PPP youth members were murdered by soldiers during the ballot box hijacking infamy. It was the dawning of a new and heightened era of blatant repression and oppression aided by the armed forces. What passed as an election in reality on July 16, 1973, could have prior been a fiction beautifully told.


  id#    2315

  Title:   Letter to Editor, Globe & Mail - July 28, 1973

  Year written:  1973/07/28

  Place delivered:  Canada

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:  The massive electoral fraud of July 16, 1973 and “victory” for the PNC “gave” the PPP 14 seats while the PNC “took” 37. A combination of several new measures to hinder the PPP from winning. The PNC resorted to a mix of any and everything to carry out the fraud. The Granada TV produced two films which expose the PNC on how to remain in power. Dr. Jagan descries the PNC regime as a neo-fascist and racist minority regime.


  id#       2316

  Title:    The Fascist Coup in Chile - 1973

  Year written:  1973/07

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Thunder Aug-Dec 1973

  Summary:  Jagan writes on the fascist coup in Chile. President Salvador Allende and thousands were killed, missing and many who had to seek exile in other parts of the world. Dr. Jagan identifies some of the discrepancies which may have led to the downfall. The CIA elsewhere and in Chile is referred to as well as the role it played in Guyana’s delay of independence? Several incidents of CIA intervention are listed. Guyana must express their solidarity with Chile.


  id#   2317

  Title:   Letter to Editor, Los Angles Times - July 30, 1973

  Year written:   1973/07/30

  Place delivered:  USA

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan writes the Los Angeles Times to correct its “justification” that Burnham said he hopes to win a two-thirds majority at the July 16, 1973 elections. Authentic details of facts and figures by Jagan should clear any misguided people about what passed as an election. Prior to, during and post balloting realities give an incredible and the likes of a fairy tale. So blatant and organized intent was the PNC to take and give what it wants from the 1973 formality/outfit that it calls a general Election. It was a disgraceful episode, neither fair nor free.


  id#     2318

  Title:   Letter to Editor, New York Times - July 30, 1973

  Year written:   1973/07/30

  Place delivered: USA

  Medium:  Letter

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan wrote the New York Times to correct its article of July 16, 1973 that Forbes Burnham will win a 2/3 majority and a third term in office. He categorically rejected that claim and pointed out that only vote fraud, abuse of proxy voting, padded voters list locally and abroad and the seizure of ballot boxes by the army that gave the PNC another stolen government. Revelations of what actually prevailed in the run up to, during and post balloting provide in incredible, but true picture of blatant fraud with abounding details.


  id#       2319

  Title:   Virtual Army Coup in Guyana

  Year written: 1973/08/24

  Place delivered:  Guyana


  Summary: What passed as “a general elections on July 16, 1973”, has been a virtual army coup in Guyana. Electoral procedures were changed 48 hours before election day to facilitate tampering with the ballot boxes, thus giving the PNC its desired results. Padding of voters lists, proxy and postal voting, ballot box tampering and killing of two young men by police gunfire when they sought to protect the security of the ballot boxes – and more, were the methods used for the “PNC Victory”. A new stage reached in the struggle for national liberation and socialism.


  id#     2320

  Title: Development and Economic Independence

  Year written: 1973/10/25/31

  Place delivered:

  Medium:  Speech

  Summary:  The struggle against exploitation, national suppression and plunder has been long and often times bloody. The Great October Socialist Revolution and the Soviet state offer an example to oppressed peoples the world over. World War II and fascist attempt to destroy socialism and the soviet state and the Truman Doctrine to “contain communism” overt and covert activities by the CIA the world over – several examples noted to overthrow, etc democratically elected governments in favour of imperialism. An anti-imperialist and socialist oriented programme is necessary for basic democracy and humanism.


  id#     2321

  Title:  The Future as Seen after 25 Years of Parliamentary Struggle

  Year written:   1973

  Place delivered:   Guyana


  Summary:  The balance of forces the world over show a shift in favour of socialism and progress. Dr. Jagan exudes great confidence for the future of Guiana after his 25 years in Parliament. The world socialist community is growing and strengthening via Detente and peaceful competition. Disarmament and the greater reliance on science and technology must serve the working class in the battle against imperialism and not lead to greater poverty.


  id#      2322

  Title:    Budget is Highway Robbery (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1973/12/23

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror"

  Summary:   The 1974 national Budget is described as Highway Robbery since by its advocacy the poor labouring classes are saddled with greater tax burdens. Here is an objective analysis showing decline and failure of the PNC with its reformist strategy which brings with it inflation and hardship.



  id#      2323/2338; JJ7082

  Title:  Janet Jagan - Army Intervention in 1973 Elections in Guyana

  Year written:   1973/10

  Place delivered:

  Medium:  Booklet

  Summary:  Janet Jagan presents a well documented booklet of irregularities, fraud and force used in the run up to, during and after the close of polls in the 1973 elections in Guyana. Numerous abuse and methods bearing new “name bands” were used as methods to hoodwink the electorate. Mrs. Jagan’s gives a forensic account of all the “devil tricks” of the PNC throughout Guyana to “make and take” a victory as the army was used to highjack the ballot boxes and doctor the results days after to give the PNC a “majority”. It brings together the mosaic of concoction by the PNC to show they have “crossed over” traditional areas of PPP strength and “gained” a 2/3 majority “victory” at the July 16, 1973 General Elections, although the people voted overwhelmingly for the PPP.  There is hardly any refutation of what transpired in the entire electoral process in this dossier of the infamous, hijacked elections. The PNC shamelessly spared nothing to “win” this election. Janet Jagan pointed to a new stage of struggle.


  id#    2324

  Title:   Press Statement - On 6 -Week Visit Abroad

  Year written: 1973?

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Press Statement

  Summary:  PPP Press Statement on Dr. Jagan’s 6- week visit abroad which took him to Trinidad and Tobago, the UK, German Democratic Republic, the USA and Cuba. He attended the World Congress of Peace Forces and the 56th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. In Cuba too, he held discussions with principal leaders and visited important institutions.


  id#    2325

  Title:   Strategy for Economic and Social Development

  Year written:  1972-1973

  Place delivered:  Guyana


  Summary:  People the world over are concerned with the problems of unemployment and deteriorating living standards. Many models to alleviate the situation have been prescribed, but they failed to address the root cause of backwardness – poverty, disease, illiteracy and unemployment. “Third world” countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are pauperized after a distorted type of development and “dependency status” in favour of imperialism. A Marxist/Leninist, comprehensive economic model – anti-imperialist, pro-democratic and pro-socialist only will correct backwardness and poverty.


  id#   2326

  Title: Letter to Editor, Sunday Graphic - 1973

  Year written:   1973

  Place delivered:    Guyana

  Medium:   Letter

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan writes in support of Rickey Singh’s article on the padding of the voters list. No amount of juggling with figures can mask the electoral fraud which passed as a General Election in July, 1973. Apart from several dishonest practices by the PNC government, army intervention seized and rifled the ballot boxes after the polls to give the PNC a victory.


  id#     2327

  Title:  Conversations with Allende

  Year written:  1973

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk

  Summary:    Dr. Jagan recalls his 5 meetings with Salvador Allende and discussions on how to win political power and maintain it. The role of the CIA in Guyana and the overt and covert activities used to destabilize the PPP government. As Dr. Jagan pointed out to Allende, the same methods were used to overthrow the Unidad Popular government in Chile. Ideological work has to be intensified among the masses and the army.


  id#      2328

  Title:   Chile and Guyana

  Year written:  1973

  Place delivered:


  Summary:  Events show that although imperialism has accepted the policy of peaceful coexistence it has not surrendered its policy of aggression. Chile and other ‘third world” countries are bearing the brunt of CIA activities to perpetuate the old order. Like Guyana, the CIA pumped money into the ranks of trunk owners and other Rightist reactionaries for a standstill. CIA intervention, destabilization and overthrow of progressive governments everywhere are mentioned.


  id#      2329

  Title:   Guyana in Transition

  Year written:  1973

  Place delivered: Guyana


  Summary:  Guyana faces mounting social, political and economic crisis under the PNC after the blatant rigging of the 1968 General Election. The sugar workers are yet to have a union of their choice while rice farmers are suffering from low prices for rice. The 7 year D-Plan has prematurely been halted. Balance of payment deficits keep growing, squandermania, etc have led to inflation and skyrocketing cost of living. With all the manoeuvrings and unprincipled positions of the PNC favouring imperialism, the Guyanese people will inevitably triumph.


  id#        2330

  Title:    Fielden's Mania  (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1973?

  Place delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk not published

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan writes on the narrowness and skin-deep and farcical, loose judgment of Fielden Singh of the United Force. Whatever Dr. Jagan does or does not there are others like Fielden with such mania.



  id#      2331

  Title:   Irregularities and Proxies  (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1973/06/10

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk

  Summary:  LFS Burnham is known for his slick and double talk when it suits him. Imagine Burnham admitted that the 1968 overseas Voters list contained irregularities after 5 years. His home Affairs Minister and himself blamed the registration agents, but they were all selected by the PNC. They were charged. Why the denial/acceptance of Burnham. That is the equivocation, double talk and rascality of the PNC. But sensible Guyanese will not be fooled.


  id#     2332

  Title:    The Giant Fumbles   (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1973/02/25

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk

  Summary:   Dr. Jagan sees the devaluation of the US dollar by 10% in less than two years. He looks at the US Budget deficits, steady drops in gold reserves, balance of trade and balance of payments. The Communist Party of the USA provides a draft to solve the problem.


  id#      2333

  Title:   Sink or Swim  (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1973/03/18

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:    Straight Talk

  Summary:  Will the Caribbean Common Market emerge on May 1, 1973? Different opinions are aired. There are also doubts within the Caribbean itself. No excuses or blame on the two super power will assist. The Caribbean territories need unity. But unity for whom? The Caribbean has a type of colonialism within a colonialism – a neo colony of Anglo-American imperialism. But even the Church advocate a radical change. No opportunist, reformist programme like that of LFS Burnham will help. Only a revolutionary anti-imperialist programme can help or Carifta and Caribbean Economic Community will fail.


  id#      2334

  Title:  Things Were Never So Bad  (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1973

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk

  Summary:  Things were never so bad and the PNC cannot escape blame. Anti social activities in its variant and exodus to North America mainly prevail. A survey shows negative performances in production levels lag behind those of PPP in the 1960’s. Rise in cost of living and essentials – basic food items are ignored by the Burnham government. Debt payment and devaluation lend to higher taxation and prices. Industrial and agricultural policies fancy imperialist model in the midst of corruption and extravagance. Guyana needs the PPP to move forward or the tendency towards fascism will be intensified.


  id#     2335

  Title:    The Army - A New Stage in Guyana's Politics

  Year written:  1973/07

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:    Straight Talk

  Summary:  The July 1973 General Elections is the biggest scandal of all times. The PPPs decision to contest it brings out several new lements/experiences which the masses had needed to know. While the PNC is loosing support the PPP has gained in strength. PPP cannot be defeated, thus, the army in politics. PNC becomes prisoner of imperialism and the army. There is more severe hardship ahead. PPPs campaign for civil resistance and non cooperation.


  id#     2336

  Title:   Summary of Speech at TUC Symposium on Unemployment

  Year written:   1973?

  Place delivered:  Guyana


  Summary: Dr. Jagan addresses various models of economic development and singled out the Marxist/Leninist strategy and economic model based on anti-imperialist, pro-democratic and pro-socialist in content. He elucidates several measures which have to be followed to grapple with the problems of unemployment and deteriorating living standards in Guiana. A radical course is warranted.


  id#       2337

  Title:  Struggle Between Beet and Cane (Straight talk)

  Year written:   1973/11/04

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:    printed in Mirror pg 5

  Summary:   The battle between cane sugar and beet sugar is on. There is a clash between Britain and France. New alliances are forged to protect planters and workers in the “third world”. Overcapacity and underutilization will lead to loss of jobs. Beet sugar production under the circumstances is likely to affect countries like Guyana.


  id#       2338 same as 2323

  Title:      Janet Jagan - Army Intervention in 1973 Elections in Guyana

  Year written:    1973/10

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:    Booklet

  Summary:  See 2323                


  id#      2339/7084

  Title:     Janet Jagan - The Phoney Two-thirds Majority

  Year written:   1973

  Place delivered:   Guyana

  Medium: Printed in Booklet "Rigged Elections in Guyana" pg 7-13

  Summary:  The PNC gave itself the phoney two-thirds majority at the July 16, 1973 polls. It declared amongst fears among the people in its pre-election campaign that it would secure a two-thirds majority of the seats. This goal, having been set, the PNC stopped at nothing to obtain it. Side by side, unemployment, suffering and high cost of living, etc exist. Political and racial discrimination, erosion of civil liberties, denial of passports, police harassment and repression dominate. Lack of decency and the PNCs incapacity to win any free and fair elections resulted in the 1973 army take over to give “victory” to the PNC


  id#      2340

  Title:  Janet Jagan - National Service

  Year written:  1973

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium: Booklet "National Service"

  Summary:   Compulsory National Service by the PNC government is a diversion from the hardship faced by Guyanese. There is widespread awe and disagreement to the format of National Service. It is an attack on academic training. Protests, demonstrations and petitions supported and carried out by political, trade union, civil rights, religious, farmers, organizations etc see it as forced labour. PNC is leading Guyana to a fascist one party state.


  id#       2341

  Title:    Guyana Faces new struggle against the ruling elite

  Year written:  1973/10

  Place delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:   Published in "Third World, Socialism and Development" VOL 3 # 2 - October 1973 pg 11-12



  id#        2342

  Title:   Developent, National Independence and Peace

  Year written:  1973

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium:   Published in "New Perspectives" Jan/Feb 1974