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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1971

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1971 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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id#     2101

Title:  Subsidize Rentals (Straight Talk)

Year written:  1971/01/08

Place delivered:  Guyana

Medium:  Straight Talk

Summary: Dr. Jagan debunked the PNC government’s claim that its housing drive and facilities are better that what exists in the Soviet Union. This lie and false anomaly are exposed to farmers. The government practices favouritism. It does not eject or prosecute its defaulting supporters like they do tenants at Black Bush Polder. Moreover, it sells the idea of  ownership and its supporters to organize themselves into cooperatives. The responsibility of subsidizing housing for the working class is dishonoured.


 id#  2102/1924

  Title:  Withdraw All Troops Now (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1971/06027

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5

  Summary: Dr. Jagan joins the world’s progressive mankind to withdraw all troops and bring an end to US aggression in Vietnam. The World Peace Council at its Budapest Congress calls for a worldwide campaign for the withdrawal of all US and US puppet troops from Vietnam. The voting patterns among senators have shifted from the past. Past secret document/papers published by “New York Times” reveals that the basis for the Tonkin Bay resolution was lie and deceit. The CIA is exposed. All previous stubbornness to withdraw is now faced with the growing body of public opinion in keeping with democratic and humanitarian traditions of the American people against the military industrial complex. The PNC government must be forced to support the heroic Vietnam people and the democratic and peace forces in the USA to end the barbaric war and troops out of Vietnam.

  id# 2104

  Title:  The Soviet Union Leaps Ahead

  Year written: 1971/04/20

  Place delivered: Guyana


  Summary:  Dr Jagan led a PPP delegation to the 24th Congress of the CPSU This article gives details of the 10 days convocation on the all-round activities – developments and achievements of the Soviet state under the leadership of the CPSU over the last five years period. Tremendous improvements and fulfillment of projects/targets have been recorded in the productive sectors (industry and agriculture) and the social services sectors have been boosted. Soviet people enjoy increasingly better quality of life – superior to that of many capitalist countries, the Soviet Union is envied for its rate of industrial output. PPP calls for the forging of the closest links, not just nominal diplomatic relations. USSR – a beacon to freedom loving peoples everywhere in their fight against colonialism, oppression and imperialism.


  id#   2105

  Title:  Letter to Editor, Trinidad Guardian - 1971/05/25

  Year written: 1971/05/25

  Place delivered:  Trinidad

  Medium:  Letter

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan writes to clear the air on the superiority of his economic and political philosophy. He provides figures to prove his contention. Bourgeois ideologists do their utmost to denigrate Marxism and the post 1917 era of the Russian Revolution which ushers development at a rapid rate.

  id#   2106

  Title:   The Truth About Bauxite

  Year written: 1971/06

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium:  Booklet

  Summary:  A collection of 4 "Straight Talks" in which Dr. Jagan explains the different types of nationalization and points quite accurately to the direction in which the nationalization of the bauxite industry was heading in 1971 - in the realm of reformist nationalization.


  id#   2107

  Title:  Letter to Director, Radio Moscow

  Year written: 1971/06/22

  Place delivered:  USSR

  Medium:  Letter

  Summary: Dr. Jagan writes Radio Moscow to avail tapes, records, etc – materials of a cultural, educational and scientific nature of  life in the Soviet Union to be shown locally.


  id#  2108

  Title: Guyana A New Stage

  Year written:  1971

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium: Thunder July-Dec 1971 Vol 3 #3

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan brings to focus the growing tyranny of the PNC. New opposition groupings and individuals are appearing. They represent two deviationist and opportunist trends in the realm of international politics. Struggle against racist, opportunist and ultra – leftist trends in the PPP are also dealt with. Where do the various groups stand in relation to the PPP and the struggle against the PNC and      capitalism? Anti imperialist unity has to be forged to advance the struggle.


   id#  2109

  Title:  A West Indian State: Pro-Imperialist or Anti-Imperialist

  Year written:  1972/02

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium:   Booklet - 14 Straight Talk articles

  Summary:  A collection of "Straight Talk" by Dr. Jagan. He examines the concept of a new West Indian State, enriching it with his experiences and earlier studies of the former West Indian Federation. From political experience and struggles, he presents case studies of other parts of the world and analyses the Caribbean scenario. Jagan advocates Caribbean unity and radical change. A West Indian State must serve the Caribbean Peoples not the imperialist. Narrow insular tendencies are identified. Progress under socialism is contrasted to a few capitalist states.


  id#  2110

  Title:  Letter to Editor, Evening Post - 1971/07/12

  Year written: 1971/07/12

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium: Letter

  Summary: Dr. Jagan draws parallels: if its good business for imperialist banks so too it should be for Cuba. Guyanese would not be fooled that the PNC is confronting imperialism. Because of PPP’s anti-imperialist and pro-socialist programs, the PNC has been forced to make certain ad hoc measures. Because of the shift in the balance of force in favour of socialism, imperialism adopts subtler methods to maintain its domination. Capitalism cannot eradicate poverty, unemployment, crime and prostitution.

  id#   2111

  Title:  The Mounting Economic & Political Crisis

  Year written: 1971

  Place delivered:

  Medium:  World Student News -Vol 25,

  Summary:  Guyana in growing social, economic and political crises. Lack of democracy, rigged 1968 General elections and 5 Regional (1971) elections. Wide spread nepotism, bribery and corruption prevail. Harassment of rice farmers and sugarworkers. Major industries rice, sugar, bauxite will continue to suffer under the PNC. PPP programme adumbrated by Dr. Jagan for broad –based anti imperialist     alliance for democracy and national independence.


  id#  2112

  Title:  PNC Moves Towards Neo-Fascism

  Year written: 1971/11/20

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium: PPP statement

  Summary: Dr. Jagan gives numerous details showing the PNC heading towards neo fascism. Double standards, ideological sandancing and demagogy – cannot bring socialism to Guyana. The small man will not become the real man. Deals with imperialism have led to a warped neo-colonialist economy coupled with repression and political opportunism. Meanwhile, Guyana has become a virtual failed newly independent state. Many examples of wretched economic policies are cited. Dr. Jagan offers a programme of  hope to rescue Guyana – to pursue an anti-imperialist, pro-democratic and pro-socialist path. The Guyana – Brazil – Haiti – USA Axis is analysed. Beware of deceit.

  id#   2113

  Title:   Letter to Editor Sunday Graphic - 1971/11/30

  Year written: 1971/11/30

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Letter

  Summary: Dr. Jagan writes the Editor, Sunday Graphic pointing to his simplistic analogy of Guyana, the USSR and the USA. He advances very strong facts to explain why the USSR has diplomatic relations with Brazil, points to the devious and subtle role of US imperialism and the double talk of Prime    Minister Burnham. Posturing and siding with imperialism will not give real security to Guyana. The internal political problem must be solved, together with the pursuance of an anti imperialist domestic and foreign policy.


  id#  2114

  Title:  Capitalist Nationalisation (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1971/03/07

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5; Booklet  "The Truth About  About Bauxite". Pg 6-9

  Summary: Nationalization was opposed by both the Peoples National Congress and the United Force in the run up to the 1964 elections. The UF believes all nationalization is bad and equated it with “PNC Socialism or PPP  Communism”. Now that the PNC is pressured to nationalize, what kind would it be? Would it help to bring about Socialism or would it be capitalist nationalization or state monopoly capitalism? Capitalist nationalization serves and promotes the economic interests of the exploiting class as compared to socialist nationalization, which benefits the nation as a whole to own and operate.


  id#   2115

  Title:  Reformist Nationalisation (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1971/03/14

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 10: Booklet  "The Truth About Bauxite". Pg 9-12

  Summary:  Reformist nationalization aids the capitalist class. It operates within the framework of capitalism and lacks the essentials of public ownership and potential of moving in a socialist direction. It is an outfit to continue exploitation and garnering profits for the few. The UK and elsewhere provides examples of reformist nationalization.


  id#   2116

  Title:  Socialist Nationalisation (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1971/03/21

  Place delivered:   Guyana

  Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 7: Booklet  "The Truth About  Bauxite". Pg 13-16

  Summary:  Socialist nationalization is an integrated economic programme and involves the complete nationalization of the commanding heights of the economy of all foreign and local business operations. Full democracy and workers participation at all levels. Trade with the East and West. Panned proportionate development of the economy – industry and agricultural in both public and coop sectors. A number of additional measures also are taken which help to deepen the thrust to forge a socialist orientation and non-capitalist path of development. This is the emphasis of the PPP unlike the PNC.


  id# 2117

  Title:  The Trinidad Rebellion (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1971/10/31

  Place delivered:   Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8

  Summary:  Dr. Jagan analyses the rebellion in Trinidad. He looked at the economic plight of the workers and the harsh measures and denial of civil rights. The trade unions did not offer the leadership necessary in the situation. There is need for a consolidation of opposition forces in a United Front including Marxists and non Marxists to forge an anti-imperialist programme, to end the state of Emergency, release the detainees and to overthrow the PNM regime.

  id#  2118

  Title:   West Indian State (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1971/11/21

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5; "A West Indian State" pg 11-14; "The Caribbean Rev." pg 49-50

  Summary:  The intensification of the national and international class struggle and the Caribbean people must be vigilant in the formation of any bloc of states. They must be guided by content and not form. Is a West Indies State necessary? Who will it serve, the region or would it be a machination to protect the interest of US imperialism? The world is not short of such examples. Any formation has to be anti-imperialist, pro socialist to think of the welfare of the smaller territories and the region as a whole.


  id#  2119

  Title: Integration for Whom? (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1971/11/28

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 9; "A West Indian State" pg 15-18; "The Caribbean Rev." pg 51-53

  Summary:  Integration for whom” This is a keen essay by Dr. Jagan. He  viewed the world scenario and imperialism’s role in creating “Common Markets” and “Free Trade Areas” as a strategy to benefit the multinational corporations and stabilize capitalism a socio-economic system. Carifta is such a guise.


  id#    2120

  Title:  Free Trade (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1971/12/05

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8; "A West Indian State" pg 19-21; "The Caribbean Rev." pg 54-58

  Summary:   Free Trade is touted by imperialism as a new partnership among blocs of nations. It gives the multinationals a free hand to exploit whole areas – groups of countries in devious ways. Free Trade helps the rich and further impoverishes the Free Trade Area States. Imperialism is given a firmer foothold in these areas to stave off movement to the Left. Well illustrated article.

  id#  2121

  Title:  Carifta (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1971/12/12

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 12

  Summary: Carifta fails to bring about a level playing field. There are many propositions and anomalies. The core problem is – who owns the means of production and control the integration of the production processes? Guyana, like some other Caribbean Sates have been tied to imperialism in their domestic and foreign policies. Emphases are not based on the peculiar needs of nation states, but on what imperialism wants as strategies or models of development.


  id#  2122

  Title:  Brazil and Cuba (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1971/12/25

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 3; "A West Indian State" pg 33-36; "The Caribbean Rev." pg 83-85

  Summary:  Brazil and Cuba like Goliath and David are looked at. Brazil – so huge a country and with much industries lags behind and the masses are landless and in dire poverty. While Brazil is in progressive decline, Cuba is making remarkable progress. Cuba under revolutionary dictatorship has achieved more in mass education, public health, rural modernization, land use, etc than most Latin America countries.


  id#   2123

  Title: CARIFTA - Political, not Economic

  Year written: 1968-1971

  Place delivered:  Guyana


  Summary: Dr. Jagan traces the birth and demise of Federation and posited that if unity is to be achieved at the economic level very little is hoped for limited as it is to Guyana, Barbados and Antigua since there is very little exchange of goods between them – no economic justification for a free trade among them. It is clear politics and imperialism wants to maintain its domination and stranglehold of the economy, of the area. The politician wants to keep their grip on the masses.

  id#  2124

  Title: Fortress America  (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1971/07/04

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 10

  Summary: Imperialism’s deceitful and varied tactics to forge relations with different countries as It suits is well known. This is in keeping with its own philosophy who is a friend or foe and when and how. While the US try hard to maintain a semblance of “friendliness, its arrogance of power has never lessened. It is always hungry for wars to deal with “who is not a friend is an enemy”. US wars are fought outside of America “to keep America free”. US forging ties everywhere are designed to benefit imperialism.


  id#    2125

  Title:  Dismissals at Sandbach (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1971/11/07

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5

  Summary:   The dismissals at Sambach Parker on the excuse that it is loosing money does not reflect the truth, Dr. Jagan writes. Profits are still earned. Such concerns expect to garner from their investments fixed sums and then move on. Unions are demoralized and they must assert themselves. Not only company owners are to be blamed, but the PNC government, which is carrying out pro-capitalist –        imperialist policies - domestic and foreign. The TUC needs to act.


  id#    2126

  Title: Is the PNC really Anti-imperialist? (Straight talk)

  Year written: 1971/02/07

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:  Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5

  Summary: No amount of propaganda to refurbish the image of the PNC  would suffice. Its track history is that of political betrayal in the fight for national liberation and independence. The deal with the CIA and US imperialism to divide Guyana racially and accommodate a PNC puppet government is well known. PNC sand dances and pretends. It poses as anything, but bolts when it comes to principles in the struggle for socialism or solidarity with progressives against imperialism. The PNC is incapable of being anti-imperialist


  id#    2127

  Title:  Political Union (Straight talk)

  Year written:  1971/12/19

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:   Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 15+18; "A West Indian State" pg 27-32; "The Caribbean Rev." pg 81-82

  Summary:  Political Union/ Integration has to be looked at qualitatively. Size of land space, natural resources and population do not determine the success of integration which is vague the world over. Socialist and capitalist integration differ qualitatively. COMECON aids progress and rapid all round growth of the world socialist countries without direct interference in the affairs of member states. It is based on socialist cooperation. The ECM – European Common Market, also a giant, cannot match the output of COMECON countries. PNC must stop its two super –powers theory, demagoguery and Reformist outlook.  Look at India and China and compare progress and development.


  id#  2128

  Title: Discrimination and Corruption - an Address at Symposium at UG

  Year written:  1971

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium:  Address



   id#  2129

  Title:  Statement on Racial Discrimination in Guyana

  Year written:   1971/03/20

  Place delivered:  Guyana

  Medium:     Statement



   id#   2130

  Title:  Memorandum by PPP on Political & Racial Discrimination in Guyana

  Year written:   1971/01/15

  Place delivered: Guyana

  Medium: Statement

  Summary:  Memorandum