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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1970

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1970 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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id# 2001

Title: Political Warnings

Year written: 1970/02/02

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Hansard

Summary: Dr. Jagan continues to warn the nation of the Prime Minister Burnham and the PNC government. Gimmicks and name brands to Development Plan cannot bring benefits to the people. PPP will cooperate with the PNC’s THE NEW ROAD Manifesto if it is carried out in whatever imited way, but things will definitely get worse because of pro-capitalist, pro imperialist policies. Burnham fails to deliver on commitments made not only at election time but from the inception of his political career.

id# 2002

Title: Letter to Editor, Sunday Chronicle - 1970/02/13

Year written: 1970/02/13

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Letter

Summary: Dr. Jagan defends the PPP and his own position on the issue pf appeals to the Privy Council. The PPP views issues and developments from a dialectical materialist position and does not bow subserviently or abandon its revolutionary position. PPP wants a change in content, not mere form. Guyana is politically independent, but is saddled with a neo-colonialist economic structure and institutional superstructure which facilitates capitalism, not socialism. Class interest will not favour the masses. Respect for the freedoms of the people and fundamental radical economic changes of an anti-imperialist, pro-socialist nature only will help to win PPP’s support.


id# 2003

Title: PPP's Predicted Course of Events

Year written: 1970/02/16

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Hansard

Summary: Same as 2001


id# 2004

Title: Speech in the National Assembly

Year written: 1970/02/23

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Speech

Summary: Speech by Dr. Jagan – National Assembly. Dr. Jagan said that the dreams of independence have been achieved, but sadly, instead of rejoicing, there is little to boast about. Real freedom has eluded Guyana of a new liberation, there is a new servitude. Symbolisms and formalities have changed, but content is lacking. The Minority government unleashes greater burdens on the backs of workers and farmers. Human rights are denied. Fears stalk the land and greater dependency, coupled with increasing poverty exist with unemployment, crime, delinquency and prostitution soaring. Guyana deserves a better future. That they must and will have.

id# 2005

Title: Easter Message

Year written: 1970/03/27

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Message

Summary: Easter greetings are extended to all Guyanese. The message of hope that Easter offers must be learnt. Dr. Jagan urges sacrifice for the betterment of ours and the lives of our children.


id# 2006

Title: Lenin and Our Time

Year written: 1970/02

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Thunder Jan-June 1970:Vol 1 #3+4

Summary: Dr. Jagan defends Marxism - Leninism and reaffirms its universality. Like all other sciences, it grows and develops in accordance with changing condition and times. Lenin’s contribution to Marxism – theory of the Socialist Revolution and the Party of a New Type are tenets for exploited peoples the world over in this era of imperialism. Marxism Leninism is not a dogma or foreign ideology. It offers hope and is a guide to revolutionary transformation from capitalist to socialism.


id# 2006a

Title: Lenin and World Revolution (Straight Talk)

Year written: 1970/03/29

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 5

Summary: Dr. Jagan singles out detractors of Marxism and Lenin’s contribution to world revolution and relevance to present day realities for change.

id# 2007

Title: Distortions and Half-Truths (Straight Talk)

Year written: 1970/04/05

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: Dr. Jagan places the two power blocs in their true perspectives. They are essentially not the same. While the USSR is the representative of Eastern socialism, the USA is the representative of Western imperialism and diametrically opposing interests are served. Imperialism’s Cold War started in 1947 to serve its class interests of super profits. Soviet aid and trade are qualitatively different. They help third world countries to become idustrialized, to break from the neo-colonial economic, political and cultural straightjacket. A true contrast shows greater dependence and growing poverty with imperialism, while dealings with the USSR promote national liberation and all round progress.


id# 2008

Title: The 53rd Anniversary (Straight Talk)

Year written: 1970/11

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: Dr. Jagan writes on the great achievements made by the Great October Socialist Revolution in the USSR itself and the material, technical and ideological help/assistance and influence to friendly countries, internationally. The 53rd Anniversary marks tremendous achievements in scientific and technological progress, space research, industrial growth, improved quality of life, etc.


id# 2009

Title: Letter to Editor Sunday Graphic - 1970/12/18

Year written: 1970/12/18

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Letter

Summary: The Editor of Sunday Graphic is scolded by Dr. Jagan for partiality. The press should criticize the government for its high handedness in the National Assembly. Parliament hardly meets. It hardly entertains opposition debates and often ram through its intentions. The press has a role to play and not to allow the government to make the National Assembly a rubber stamp and farce.

id# 2010

Title: Chile - The Beginning of a New Era

Year written: 1970/12/24

Place delivered: Guyana


Summary: Dr. Jagan gives an assessment of Chile as the beginning of a new era under President Salvador Allende. He analyses Chile before Allende and what the present and future hold for the Chilean people. Like other Latin American countries, Chile suffers from dependency and underdevelopment. North American multinational monopolies dominate. The road to power and now the question of the regime’s ability to hold power. This article brings out Dr. Jagan’s good understanding of the US meddling in Latin America and the role of the CIA. Chile will need the solidarity and support of all struggling for national liberation and socialism.


id# 2011

Title: Christmas Day Message from the PPP

Year written: 1970/12/24

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Message; Radio broadcast

Summary: In a Christmas Day message from the PPP Guyanese are reminded of the hardship, gloom and deep anxiety about the future. More people are convinced that a change is needed. The Church elsewhere is helping financially and otherwise to fight injustice. It can also play a progressive role in Guyana. After Christmas, what?

id# 2012

Title: The February Revolt

Year written: 1970

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Thunder Jan-March Vol 2 #1

Summary: The February 1970 Revolt in Trinidad urges Dr. Jagan’s analysis of the rise to political power of Dr. Eric Williams and Caribbean politics generally. The lack of fundamental social change and an absence of any Marxist – Socialist base led to narrow nationalism, chauvinism and opportunism. Such outlooks fostered the imperialist strategy of economic planning based on foreign investment. Dependency, poverty and misery became widespread along with a rupture in West Indian unity. Marxists and progressives faced repression. These and more saw the appearance of groupings – Black Power, Solidarity etc. But no revolutionary situation existed, no preparatory work/educational/ideological, organizational, political had been done. True, revolution cannot be ordered. Like the turmoil under Eric Williams in Trinidad, Same will face Burnham and the other puppets.


id# 2013

Title: Transactions of the 16th Congress of the PPP

Year written:

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Thunder Jan-March Vol 2 #1

Summary: PPP’s 16th Congress. Dr. Jagan addressed the current international, regional and local political/economic situation. Liberation struggles, imperialism’s designs and hotbeds of wars and the Guyana political scenario have been dealt with in a very analytic way. Resolutions were also passed.

id# 2014

Title: Speech at Afro-Asian-Peoples' Solidarity Org. Meeting

Year written: 1970/11/09-11

Place delivered: Tripoli, Libya

Medium: Speech

Summary: Dr. Jagan extends solidarity on behalf of the PPP. He identified the common enemy of people the world over. He reflected on the intrigues of US imperialism and setbacks of the revolutionary forces as well as successes in some countries. Guyana was also dealt with – state of the economy, imperialism’s plan for aggression should a PPP government opt for socialism, the so-called border dispute and similar experiences in the Asian, African and Latin American countries. The conference was informed of the political situation in Guyana and a call for the defeat of the imperialists and their puppets.


id# 2015

Title: ASCRIA's Balancing Act (Straight talk)

Year written: 1970/03/22

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 10

Summary: Dr. Jagan gives a good account of Eusi Kwayana – Sydney King and his balancing act. Kwayana earlier as a Marxist in the PPP opposed Burnham’s opportunism and imperialism. He heads ASCRIA and adds insult to the cause of black liberation everywhere. Cheap demagogy and revolutionary behaviour is something else. History knows Kwayana as being anything else from time to time. He lacks principled consistency for Guyana’s national good. No doubt Kwayana and the YSM can play a great role in Guyana, but definitely NOT within the context of defence of PNC pro American policies.

id# 2016

Title: The Fight for Democracy and Socialism (Straight talk)

Year written: 1970/02/22

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 19+24

Summary: The PPP has always been consistent in its organizational and political struggles against fascism, colonialism and neo-colonialism, capitalism – imperialism and for democracy and socialism. It sees development from a scientific, Marxist Leninist analysis and therefore cannot be deemed opportunist, dogmatist or pro capitalist. The resort to changes in forms and not content by the PNC and name brands cannot bring about changes benefiting Guyana as a nation. The PNC image building aims at empowering itself with more power in favour of capitalism.


id# 2017

Title: Battlelines Drawing Up (Straight talk)

Year written: 1970/11/22

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 4

Summary: General Elections in Britain see the social democratic labour party replaced by the Conservative Party. It means untold of burdens on the poor with the rich getting richer and drastic cuts in social benefits. Even the school feeding programme is affected. Cut in medical services as well as anti labour focus and union – busting will follow.


id# 2018

Title: Democracy or Dictatorship (Straight talk)

Year written: 1970/05/24

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 9

Summary: Dr. Jagan discusses democracy and dictatorship – the tenents or modus operandi of the socialist and capitalist societies. While the former focuses on the humane, more all round benefit and development of man, the people, the latter is based on the exploitation of man by man. Profit consideration is the driving force of a capitalist society.

id# 2019

Title: Black Power or Class Struggle (Straight talk)

Year written: 1970/05/17

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 10

Summary: The biggest struggle in the world today for domination is not that of race, but CLASS. Frederick Engles in the Communist Manifesto of 1848, posited that with the exception of primitive tribal society, all – from slavery, feudalism and capitalism – they have all been societies of CASS struggles, between exploiting and exploited, ruling and oppressed classes. Not only coloureds or blacks, but whites were also exploited. In the capitalist – imperialist states – UK, USA, France, German, Italy, Spain, Portugal – the majority of the exploited people are white. Of course, blacks and others get a double dose of exploitation via racism and divide and rule.


id# 2020

Title: PPP Predicted Course of Events

Year written: 1970/02/16

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Hansard