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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1969

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1969 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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id# 1901

Title: New Year Message - 1969

Year written: 1969/01/01

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Message

Summary: Dr. Jagan, in his New Year Message of 1969 described 1968 as the year of the Great Fraud perpetrated by the lackeys and stooges to make a mockery of constitutional rule and a farce of the parliamentary and other institutions.

id# 1902

Title: Shylock Approach (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/02/16

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk

Summary: Dr. Jagan addresses problems at Black Bush Polder in a most comprehensive, objective and unbiased way. He outlines the many problems faced by these new settlers/farmers-drainage and irrigation, access to machinery, loss of market, etc. Farmers owe a rent build up and their homes are being pulled down. They are willing to pay, but how? Political pressure and bias are used to hound the farmers. General assistance is needed and the government needs to work out a popular plan to let Black Bush Polder and its settlers flourish. Hatred, acrimony and spite won’t work. Stop being Shylocks.


id# 1903

Title: Debate in National Assembly, February 21, 1669

Year written: 1969/02/21

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Hansard

Summary: Dr. Jagan’s lengthy and passionate speech against the Bill to Restrict Freedom of Movement. He criticized the double standards of the government. It talks about the preservation of human rights and freedoms overseas. The reality, however, among Guyanese is different. Crime, delinquency, unemployment, mass exodus – are only a few areas of concern. Excuses, threat of invasion from Venezuela, blame on everyone else are used to justify legislations to facilitate the corrupt PNC government in power. The government claims the country is peaceful and quit. Why more arbitrary powers? Dr. Jagan urged that the Bill be withdrawn from the National Assembly.


id# 1904

Title: Debate in National Assembly, February 25, 1969

Year written: 1969/02/25

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Hansard

Summary: Dr. Jagan spoke of discrimination and denial of reputed TV companies to come to Guyana. At the same time the government concoct stories of impending attacks by mercenaries on Guyana-all to lend credibility to the Bill to restrict the freedom of movement.


id# 1905

Title: Towards Fascism (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/02/23

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8-9

Summary: The National Security Act for 1966 provided for preventative detention. Dr. Jagan noted that few persons protested when this fascist measure was debated. It was a constant prelude to tyranny and nothing in the Kaldor Budget or the Labour Relations Bill was so hostile. Yet the unions, civic organizations and those who ought to defend the public good, opted to remain silent.


id# 1906

Title: Debate in National Assembly, March 13, 1969

Year written: 1969/03/13

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Hansard



id# 1907

Title: Many Hungry People (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/03/16

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8-9

Summary: Dr. Jagan disclosed that more and more taxes the ordinary have to burden while the rich is allowed to get even richer Unemployment is 20%, Debt charges have risen, the bureaucracy particularly the military consumes a large portion of the Budget. The government spends a lot on propaganda locally and abroad to create impressions of growing prosperity while standards of living are declining. There is mass emigration and increasing crime and delinquency. Guyana is no model for development. There is no “free cassava and milk”- many people are hunger and soon the “bubble” will burst. Guyana is being pushed into bankruptcy.


id# 1908

Title: Blight Coast (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/04/06

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 14

Summary: Essequibo Coast has become the Blight Coast. This is how a farmer described life in the Essequibo and the whole country to Dr. Jagan since the PNC is in government. Rice is mostly grown in Essequibo and because of government’s senseless changes and the alienation of the farmers, production has plummeted and lands abandoned in some areas. Drop in price, discrimination, nepotism and favouritism, etc. have all contributed to farmers not honouring their commitments to banks and stores. Cost of production has risen and current price offered by the RMB falls steeply compared when the PPP was cheated out of office in 1964. In the midst of squandermania and corruption insignificant allocations are allotted for Education, Health, Housing development, etc. The country’s advance in the short or long term toward the ideal of integration and of “one people, one nation, one destiny” is dashed.


id# 1909

Title: Taken for a Ride (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/04/13

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8-9

Summary: The PNC government talks at home and aboard of being non-aligned, for world peace and the ending of exploitation of man by man. Dr. Jagan points to the regime’s bias in favour of imperialism and alienation of the socialist countries. It operates under the diktat of the USA and Britain in its foreign policy, aid and trade. Greater tax holidays are granted to the capitalists. The USA and Britain deal with training and equipping the police force. The imperialist inspired/ conspired claim of keeping Venezuela’s puppet claim to more than 2/3 of Guyana’s territory and the granted of facilities at the Atkinson Field are all designed to protect the interest of imperialism and to destabilize any progressive government in Guyana. The economy is imbalanced, greater emphasis is placed on infrastructural development. Guyanese are taken for a ride since deeds do not correspond to nation building and peoples development.

id# 1910

Title: Battle of Ideas (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/04/20

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 17

Summary: In his “Battle of Ideas” Dr. Jagan points to the overt and covert means used by the CIA to infiltrate, educate/train and corrupt the minds of trade unionists and political leaders, youth organizations to the fancies of imperialism. The aim is to thwart the influence of national liberation and socialism. Dr. Jagan refers to examples of CIA money for education to corrupt. The PPP he said supports education where it must have a say in the content and purpose and education. It must serve the interest of the people to bring an end to exploitation of man by man for the building of socialism. The Guyana experience is that CIA spies in the garb of advisers and experts, Peace Corps personnel and a host of American evangelical crusaders “sell the American way of life (capitalism), gather intelligence and smear the PPP and socialism.


id# 1911

Title: Birds in the Bush (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/04/17

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 17

Summary: Imperialism has many weapons in its armory. Separate from its rule by force and fraud, it constantly practices brainwashing and thought control. Dr. Jagan instantly comprehend the measures by the puppet PNC government to ban films. It aims more specifically to ban the films by Granada TV company on the rigging of the 1968 General Elections as well as others – progressive films, pertaining to the struggles of the Vietnamese people, students, the Africans and the blacks in the USA. The OAS is another front to build new hopes and expectation that via the Alliance for Progress and IAB, Guyana would qualify for aid. Experience show that those who went for it failed to achieve their modest projections since 1961. Inflation and balance of payment problems coupled with housing deficiency etc have been the result. Instead, Latin America suffers; Guyana too with debt burdens. Dr. Jagan advises “not to chase after rainbows”. The OAS is a US strategy for Latin America to keep as a one crop, one mineral producer. Guyana, Latin America and other “third world” countries need to end foreign political, military, economic and cultural domination and restructure its economy in the interest of the people.The PNC lacks the capacity. Only the PPP can ensure a pro working class and anti imperialist programme to salvage Guyana.


id# 1912

Title: Guyana - The Truth

Year written: 1969/05

Place delivered: UK

Medium: Labour Monthly June 1969 Pg 270

Summary: Dr. Jagan writes for Labour Monthly cataloguing the 1968 general elections and the role of Anglo – America conspiracy vis a vis CIA- fomented and financed disturbances. The massive fraud was accomplished by a plethora of irregularities and inconsistencies, fabricated padded voters list, extensive proxy voting, tampering of ballot boxes, overseas voting, phantom voters and other manipulations. The fraud was well documented by two Granada TV films – The Trails of the Vanishing Voters and the Making of a Prime Minister. PNC government moves to conceal its fraud by a railroaded bill in the National Assembly to prevent any person from leaving the country by orders of the Home Affairs Minister on a number of false premises. PNC government allows foreign vested interests to control the commanding heights of the economy – factories, mines, plantations, banks, insurance, shipping and foreign trade. The PPP views the variants of racism, and division by the PNC demands a scientific, Marxist approach to unite the working class for an anti imperialist battle to arrest the falling living standards, growing unemployment, increasing crime and delinquency, mass emigration and move Guyana forward.


id# 1913

Title: End of an Era (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/05/04

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 12

Summary: "End of an Era” describes the role of President Charles De Gaulle. He was one of the complex personalities of his time and his long political career reflects the social and political forces at play worldwide over 30 years. Dr. Jagan traced world politics and the struggle for imperialist supremacy using new guises and temporary alliances, but not losing sight to contain the USSR and communism. The period also see the fall of other repressive leaders and the rise of the revolutionary forces. A rich account of world politics by Dr. Jagan. Good for students and politicians.

id# 1914

Title: More Castles (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/05/11

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 11

Summary: Dr. Jagan accuses the PNC – UF coalition of building more castles in the air when it claims that Guyana is too small and can only progress if united with the Commonwealth Caribbean Countries – a mere excuse for the deteriorating living conditions. Unity and integration are essential if the purpose is to break away from the yoke of neo-colonialism and imperialism. The aim, however, is to strengthen foreign capital and domination. He puts in perspective Common Markets and Free Trade areas everywhere in pursuit of world economic hegemony. Examples of free enterprise and its effects on the poor is heightened. Brazil with 90 million people and vast land space and resources is backward and poor. Over 40 Million are illiterate. Foreign debt is high while huge profits are exported. People are landless with 1% of the population owning over 57% of the arable land. Carifta will perish and so too are the Caribbean economies. What is needed is centrally planned economies. The Puerto Rican model of economic development is no blue print for Guyana as the PNC believes. Puerto Rico with 60 years of American benevolence is no “showcase of democracy”. It still suffers from political insubornation, economic retardation and cultural uncertainty.


id# 1915

Title: Unity in Ideology and Action

Year written: 1969/07/27

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Mirror July 27, 1969 pg 16

Summary: At International Conference of communist and workers Parties held in Moscow. Dr. Jagan declared that it is like home coming joining the ideological family. He reflected on the intrigues of imperialism after the Second World War to contain communism and destabilize Third World /colonies and states, national liberation and the forging of socialist orientation. The US and Britain have been particularly mentioned in their overt and convert activities in all parts of the world. Dr. Jagan also relates the specifics of the struggle for independence and socialism by the PPP in Guyana and the role of US British imperialism. He concluded his speech with the charge, “not to shirk our international duty” and to remain loyal with unity in ideology and action.


id# 1916

Title: Letter to Central Committee, Communist Party Rumania

Year written: 1969/07

Place delivered: Rumania

Medium: Letter

Summary: Dr. Jagan thanks the Rumanian Communist Party for its invitation and explains his inability to attend since the PPP also will meet from August 3-4, 1969 at a special Conference aimed at transforming the party to a Marxist/ Leninist type of party.


id# 1917

Title: What the Future Holds for Guyana

Year written: 1969

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Thunder July-Sept 1969

Summary: Dr. Jagan gives details of the fraudulent 1968 General Elections and documentations from independence opinions/organizations. The PNC cannot win a fair and free General Election. Thus, its resort under US-UK diktat – how to avoid Dr. Jagan and the PPP to get into power. The article is a rather minute detail of the hypocrisy that passes as election in December.

id# 1918

Title: Saigon's Proposals Fraudulent

Year written: 1966/08/13

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 10 & World Magazine Sept 13,

Summary: Dr. Jagan warns of any electoral laws proposed by the colonialist for General Elections in South Vietnam. It should be approached with caution. He relates the 1964 elections experience in British Guiana under changed laws which led to his removal from power although his party won the election with the single largest majority of votes cast. There is much documentation to verify Dr. Jagan’s warnings. It may look democratic but …. Read on from a man who knows.


id# 1919

Title: Election Fraud in Guyana

Year written: 1969/09/17

Place delivered: Canada

Medium: Canadian Tribune Sept 17, 1969

Summary: Election Fraud in Guyana is a concise, but comprehensive documentation from Dr. Jagan, a man who knows. He trace the Guyana experience as well other international variants of imperialist scheme to conduct elections as a semblance of democracy, but to protect and retain their puppets. From Constitutional to other deceitful measures and not ruling out force use of the police and army, etc fraudulent elections have been held in Guyana. Why?


id# 1920

Title: What the Future Holds for Guyana

Year written: 1969

Place delivered:

Medium: Peace, Freedom & Socialism Oct 1969

Summary: What the future holds for Guyana is well illustrated. It deals with electoral frauds, the CIA and Human Rights denial. Mounting repression leads to labour unrest, unemployment; economic stagnation largely due to US dictated economic, fiscal, trade and foreign policies. In a purely agricultural country, agriculture is in decline and heavily in debt. The choice of models of economic development is crucial and strong ideological aggression comes to the fore. With all of this, notwithstanding, and the use of racial symbolism and racial identity, the PPP as a fledgling Marxist Leninist Party needs to work hard among its supporters for a qualitative change in their outlook. Thus the need to build the party as a disciplined, ideologically sound party to face the multifaceted struggle and confront the imperialist force with revolutionary force. In unity and struggle the PPP will fight reaction, support progress and strengthen international links.


id# 1921

Title: Birth Control

Year written: 1969/10/05

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 10

Summary: The imperialists are never short of excuses and they manufacture them to suit the existing situation in their quest to maintain the existing exploitative order of capitalism. They even use the Malthusian theory that due to rapid increase in population the world would come to an end and blame the poor for poverty. The world has not exploded and the sophists in support of capitalism reason and advocate birth control. In the Soviet Union there is a labour shortage and mothers with many children are decorated as mother heroines and assisted by the state. The answer is not birth control, but in restructuring the economy and an end to the system of capitalism.

id# 1922

Title: The World Communist Meeting

Year written: 1969/10

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Thunder Oct-Dec 1969

Summary: Dr. Jagan gives a report for his Party’s Theoretical Organ, Thunder for the benefit of members in particular and the wider society generally on the World Communist Meeting – 1969 Moscow. He gives a synopsis of the political struggle in Guyana and the role of the PPP at the national level and as a developing Marxist – Leninist Party. The article deals with the wide ranging issues in the world – the problems the Communist Movement faces and the drafting of a joint programme of action and struggle against imperialism. The Meeting brought together 75 Communist and Workers parties under the theme “task of the struggle against imperialism at the present stage and the unity of action of Communist and Workers Parties and of all anti-imperialist forces.”


id# 1923

Title: Guilt Complex (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/10/12

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5

Summary: The Daily and Sunday Graphic publishes in favour of neo colonialism and imperialism. Like its kind everywhere it does not support non capitalist path and plight of the poor and their struggle under the PPP for socialism. Its claim not to publish Dr. Jagan’s article in the national interest is an acceptance of a “guilt Complex” and bias in favour of puppet rule. Scurrilous, yet not strange, it publishes an article naming a PPP member as having gone to the USSR to beg for funds – an allusion to the PPP taking orders from Moscow.


id# 1924/2102

Title: Withdraw All Troops Now (Straight talk)

Year written: 1971/06027

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5

Summary: Dr. Jagan joins the world’s progressive mankind to withdraw all troops and bring an end to US aggression in Vietnam. The World Peace Council at its Budapest Congress calls for a worldwide campaign for the withdrawal of all US and US puppet troops from Vietnam. The voting patterns among senators have shifted from the past. Past secret document/papers published by “New York Times” reveals that the basis for the Tonkin Bay resolution was lie and deceit. The CIA is exposed. All previous stubbornness to withdraw is now faced with the growing body of public opinion in keeping with democratic and humanitarian traditions of the American people against the military industrial complex. The PNC government must be forced to support the heroic Vietnam people and the democratic and peace forces in the USA to end the barbaric war and troops out of Vietnam.


id# 1925

Title: Withdraw the Troops (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/10/19

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 6

Summary: "Withdraw the Troops” expresses similar sentiments # 1924 to “Withdraw all Troops Now”. Vietnam is in the limelight again. World mobilization particularly in the USA is clamoring for an end to the war.

id# 1926

Title: The Rape of Latin America (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/11/09

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5 ;"The Caribbean Rev." pg 113-

Summary: Dr. Jagan has been writing for years providing facts and figures proving that US domination of Latin America was responsible for the poverty and misery of the majority of the 200 million people of that area. Guyana needs to avoid a US take over for such pitfalls. The US continues to take out more money than it puts in Latin America. Loans are tied to purchases of high priced US goods, half of which from US ports in US vessels at higher rates. US meddle in the internal affairs of Latin America and not military alone, it supports reformist against revolutionary changes. Only an end to US economic domination of Latin America will lead to a cure of its ills. No amount of tricks and US programmes can help. A revolutionary strategy and public ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange is needed. Look at Cuba.


id# 1927

Title: More Palliatives (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/11/16

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5

Summary: The high expectations among the harassed Americans and disillusioned people at large on President Nixon’s policy statements on Latin America and Vietnam were dashed. He used emotive words and phrases, like “partnership”, “We do care”, “I care”, nothing fundamentally new. He touched on four main points on Latin America- Liberation of aid and trade, multilateral instead of unilateral aid, greater status, and support of Latin America right wing dictators. These changes will in no way alleviate the problems of poverty. The changes are in favour of US economic policy/interests for the region and will cause greater hardships and economic dependency of the countries. Support for right wing dictatorship tells the whole story of US domination. And protecting the rich. The spectre of Communism haunts the millionaires and old methods will be resorted to maintain their status quo. The Nixon formula would do no better than that of his predecessors. They will prove as mere palliatives.


id# 1928

Title: Opportunism, (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/11/30

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5

Summary: The history of liberation movements records many examples of setbacks. A main contributing factor is the role played by right and left opportunists. Guyana is no different. After the suspension of the Constitution in 1953 the right opportunists engineered a split in the PPP. They blamed the communists and advocated a change in the leadership concentrating their attacks on the ultra-leftists of the PPP who were the advocates the instant revolution. History confirms that the right and left opportunists ultimately unite under the banner of anti communism, demagogy – consultative democracy, socialist cooperative republic, etc. Similar tendencies again developed later in PPP liberation struggle. Those with racist and not a Marxist outlook see development statically, not dialectically and are easily demoralized. They succumb to impatience and despair, make wild decisions or compromise. In Guyana, they use race and the line that Afro Guyanese will always support the PNC puppets of US imperialism, thus a compromise with imperialism (USA) Guyana witness the sweet/bitter experiences in the first half of the 20th century. The 1953 General Elections exemplifies the racial unity brought about by the PPP. Example the world over show that only a left/socialist approach will solve all race problems of the working class, be they Indo Guyanese, Afro Guyanese or others. Only a vanguard, Marxist/Leninist party can bring about the fundamental changes and real independence. The PPP in Guyana will do so. Demagogy and fancy jargons will not suffice.


id# 1929

Title: India at Crossroads, (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/11/23

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5

Summary: Amidst internal wrangling, the Indian National Congress Party is torn
into two factions struggling for power. Mass poverty due to inflation, rising prices, shortage of consumer goods including food, rampant black marketing and profiteering, mounting foreign debts mostly for the USA shocking corruption and demoralization of public life give a chaotic situation. The congress is loosing support with the Communists making gains. The inner party struggle – one faction wanting to maintain the old way while the Prime Minister wants to carry out reforms in favour of the masses. The 500 Million in favour of anti-imperialist and a pro socialist policy can make a difference to bring about progress.

id# 1930

Title: The Nature of Capitalism (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/12/14

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 28

Summary: In “The Nature of Capitalism”, Dr. Jagan exposes its practical manifestations on all fronts and against socialism. The machinations of capital in its various economic/monetary systems- adjusting and keeping in line with super profits are laid bare by examples. Starvation exists in a world of plenty. Tremendous progress in science and technology has not addressed the problems of unemployment. Food surplus are destroyed or dumped. This is capitalism and the unfortunate facts of life. Marx is true; he talks about the working people getting relatively poorer while the rich are getting richer. To arrest this reality, demands an end to the capitalist system so far peace and security.


id# 1931

Title: Social Security (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/12/21

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 14

Summary: Dr. Jagan contents that since slavery people have always struggled for reforms. The ruling classes use force and fraud and later, reform to avoid socialism and a classless state. The world is replete with such examples. What about the welfare state of the USA? All the classical manifestations of neglect under capitalism prevail in such a society. Guyana with the NIS is touted as a welfare state in which the “small man is going to become the real man”. Regardless of the benefits insured/ paid for and minuscule, limited as they are, Guyana is capitalist. Such imbalance and backwardness is no guarantee in old as security anywhere else. The socialist/communist, humanistic approach identifies an integral unity in the three stages of life – a responsibility from the cradle to the grave which can only be fulfilled when capitalism has been wiped out.


id# 1932

Title: PNC - USA Deal

Year written: 1969

Place delivered: Guyana


Summary: The PNC leadership is ideologically and psychologically committed to imperialism. Like Hitler and Mussolini did, they mouth socialism – mere demagogy to fool the exploited people. They see the invincibility of the USA in the west and shelter under the fatalistic theory of being crushed if you oppose the USA. Dr. Jagan avails the facts; PNC has always been a collaborator with the USA. PNC-USA link is uncritically well documented here.


id# 1933

Title: Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

Year written: 1969

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Tribute

Summary: Dr. Jagan joints the world to celebrate the centenary of M.K. Gandhi. He was a world citizen. His fight against the evils of society almost single handily and his stubborn discipline, sacrifices and practice of non violence earned him a kind of saint hood. Gandhi’s contribution to Indian’s independence is monumental. This great soul has given the world a rich legacy. His life and work are studied and admired the world over. The Indian people living up to the ideas of Gandhi to rid themselves with the parasites who have attached themselves to the political bandwagon.

id# 1934

Title: Fraud and Forge in Guyana

Year written: 1968

Place delivered: Guyana


Summary: Life magazine on February 23, 1968 declare that “everyone has his own favourite evidence that America is in a multiple crises: military, monetary, social, constitutional and moral” Dr. Jagan refers to the US interference in Guyana’s affairs using the CIA, British Intelligence and government and local reaction via racial division, strikes, violence and terror.


id# 1935

Title: Lenin and World Revolution

Year written: 1969

Place delivered: Guyana


Summary: Dr. Jagan defends Marxism – Leninism. It is relevant to present day realities the world over guiding working class parties under their own specific/unique conditions and using the scientific theory for revolutionary transformation.


id# 1936

Title: Internal and External Fraud (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/01/06

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 2

Summary: Dr. Jagan describes the massive internal and external fraud of the December 1968 elections. Independent TV and Print Houses along with pollsters in the Caribbean, UK and North America, reveal the authenticity of Dr. Jagan’s findings.


id# 1937

Title: Debate in National Assembly - 1969/02/21

Year written: 1969/02/21

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Hansard

Summary: Dr. Jagan spoke in great detail against the Restriction of Freedom of Movement Bill – February 21, 1969. He saw it as a hoax and excuse to divert attention from the grave socio/economic hardships of the government. This drumming up keeps in line with the US and its puppet regime in Venezuela.


id# 1938

Title: Bag of Tricks (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/03/02

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8-9

Summary: Dr. Jagan reveals the government’s bag of tricks to hoodwink the population and maintain the loyalty of its supporters. They blame everything and everyone else as stumbling blocks and reasons for Guyana’s poor achievements. US interests are served and Guyana remains a US neo-colonial state.


id# 1939

Title: Soaking the Poor (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/03/09

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8-9

Summary: The Government is moving to tyranny. Subversion of Elections Commission and massive fraud, ban on films, Restriction on Freedom of Movement, Proposal to ban strikes and now, an oppressive budget which makes the rich richer and the Guyanese masses, poorer. Further erosion of liberties and standards of living.


id# 1940

Title: Squandermania (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/03/23

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8-9

Summary: Squandermania continues. Emphasis on infrastructure and civil bureaucracy, police, army prisons, debt payment and more propaganda. Education, health, etc will suffer. The Budget suits US interests.

id# 1941

Title: Revolutionary Changes Necessary (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/05/18

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 10-11

Summary: Dr. Jagan sees revolutionary changes as necessary to end the ills and misery of the peoples in the third world. Guyanese too need to see the advantages, growth and development in the socialist camp and the decline and state of crisis in the camp of imperialism.


id# 1942

Title: Socialism Will Win (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk

Summary: Developments worldwide show that socialism will win. More and more people are convinced of the superiority of Socialism over capitalism to build a peaceful and more humane world. The Gandhis and the Lenins will live on.


id# 1943

Title: Gestapo Methods (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk

Summary: The expose by the Granada Film Company documenting the fraudulent 1968 General Elections in “The Making of a Prime Minister” and “The Trail of the Vanishing Voters” as well as the PPP showing films on the heroic struggle of the Vietnamese people against US aggression, the black people’s struggle against racism, the Africans against neo-colonialism, etc ired Forbes Burnham. The Bill to ban films is reminiscent of Hitler and that of the subversive literature Bill of the 1950’s – nothing short of Gestapo Methods.

id# 1944

Title: Meaningless Assurances (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/11/02

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 5

Summary: No amount of propaganda or assurances by the government is guarantee that the General Elections would be fair and free. Reference to experiences of elections. A mockery has been made of Adult suffrage, secrecy of the ballot and proxy voting. A new voters list, an impartial electoral machinery and an observer team from the UN Human Rights Commission should be invited.


id# 1945

Title: No Changes (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/12/07

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk printed in "Mirror" pg 8

Summary: The National Assembly pass Bills that give more concessions to the capitalist class and greater tax burdens on the already harassed workers of Guyana. Whatever the changes greater facilities are given to the capitalists in keeping with imperialism’s designs – tax holidays, low wages, anti-strike/anti-labour laws, freedom of movement of capital and profits, etc Really, no changes in favour of the working class.


id# 1946

Title: Trends - Denial of Rights (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk

Summary: The PNC-UF Coalition government falls in line and with great pomp and ceremony organized events to give itself an image as a preserver of Human Rights in 1968 (Human Rights Year). Experience and facts differ. Their every act denies the Guyanese people of basic human rights and freedoms. The government is moving towards the establishment of a virtual dictatorship. The National Security Act guarantees the restriction of travel, equal opportunity, protest and assembly, strike, voting, etc. Guyanese must struggle to put an end to the erosion of their constitutional rights.

id# 1947

Title: Need to Chart New Course (Straight talk)

Year written: 1969/03/23

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Straight Talk

Summary: Guyana needs to chart a new course. Squandermania and misallocation of finances, infrastructural development in place of emphasis on agriculture and industrialization take precedence. In place of increase agricultural exports to the Caribbean, Guyana was importing pork and ground produce. A new and comprehensive approach in administering the economy is the most immediate necessity to curb the ills of the Guyanese society.