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Summaries of Articles written by Dr. Jagan - 1967

This is a listing of articles written by Dr. Jagan in 1967 that are housed at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre in Georgetown, Guyana. Some of these articles can be found on this website.

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id# 1600

Title: Which Way for Development (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/01/08

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 8-9

Summary: Dr. Jagan criticized the PNC-UF coalition government for not investing for sustainable development. The heavy emphasis on infrastructure and social overheads without a focus on Agriculture and Industry promotes lopsided development and will not allow growth. Rather, it created greater debt burdens and dependence on foreign loans which are usually attached to political strings and diktat. PNC-UF tied to the USA is pressured to break off trade with Cuba, impose restrictions on trade with socialist countries. Without an emphasis on planned spending on industry, agriculture, infrastructure and social overheads in terms of priority and the realization of economic returns Guyana will retrogress into poverty. People as a social capital have to be involved at all levels failing which there is no development. Sugar industry, the largest employer, has no union of workers choice and the Rice Producers Association has been emasculated.


id# 1601

Title: Govt. Axes the Poor (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/01/22

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 6

Summary: Dr. Jagan exposed the PNC-UF government for favouring the rich and pressuring the poor. The government is covering its failure with half-truths and the fulsome use of figures. Dr. Jagan pointed to the need for proper allocations and wise spending to curb waste, corruption and nepotism. No amount of juggling of figures will hide the state of the country under the PNC-UF coalition.


id# 1602

Title: Circuses With-out Bread (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/01/29

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 3

Summary: The PNC/UF Coalition is unleashing greater economic burdens on the ordinary, poor people and easily facilitating the rich. Its poor import/export trading policy and balance of payments have led to greater outflows of capital. Longer tax holidays and bigger handouts are given to foreign investors to aggravate the problem of the growing deficit in balance of payments. No amount of stage managing of events-independence conference and celebrations, CARIFTA, Queen’s, Visit, etc can hoodwink the people who need bread not shows.


id# 1603

Title: The Bubble will Burst (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/02/05

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 6

Summary: The Coalition government operated with huge overdrafts with the banks. Millions are owed in Treasury Bills to the Banks, business firms and individuals. The City Council, Rice Marketing Board and Rice Development and government itself are near bankruptcy. Political interference has been identified for the colossal failures and losses. Efforts at mergers to cover up inefficiency have failed. Poor accountability, thefts and poor control of spare parts prevail with greater losses increasingly. Lack of democracy and composition involvement in the RMB have resulted to a bulging bureaucracy and amounted to losses. The RDC and the rice industry have to be comprehensively recognized and managed with the rice producers participating fully at all levels.


id# 1604

Title: Strategy for Development (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/02/26

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: The gap between the rich and the poor is widening with worsening terms of trade, balance of payments, budget deficits and mounting debt burdens. The result is mass starvation and poverty. Buying dear and selling raw materials cheap have led to debt burdens of 50% of commitments. Bourgeois economists ”balance” the sordid conditions in poor countries as due to low levels of “education”, “technology” and “productivity”. These are important factors in development but their connotations differ from that of a socialist society from a capitalist society. While there is a vicious circle under capitalism to maximize profits by virtue of their relationship to the means of production – ownership. Production under socialism is for the good of the entire society. Agriculture policies must embrace the landless. For any economic development a correct strategy corresponding to what exists has to be examined/analysed. Foreign domination of the key/major sectors of Guyana’s as well as economics of most poor countries is the single largest cause for their poverty and this dictates a strategy for true economic development and social good.


id# 1605

Title: D'Aguiar's Upside-down Theory (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/03/05

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 8

Summary: Dr. Jagan exposed the clap-trap theory of Peter D’Aguiar who denied “the rich get richer, the poor get poorer”. D’Aguiar’s upside down theory clearly demonstrated his defence of capitalism and a class hatred of the poor. Dr. Jagan’s analysis pointed to the experiences of poor countries the world over and the fall of real income of the poor. He carefully analysed contemporary capitalism and its combination of a number of factors which perpetrate exploitation and poverty. Comparison of the PPP in Guyana and the poor. A planned proportionate development of the economy is the way to progress – not on emphasis which only facilitates the creation of greater surplus value for the rich.


id# 1606

Title: Revolutionize Education (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/03/12

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: Dr. Jagan’s advocacy to revolutionize education was due mainly to the departure of the coalition government of the comprehensive and sound education policy and other initiatives of the PPP government. He pointed the failures due to witch hunting and discrimination, changes to deny free education to benefit children of the poor, closing down of Teacher Training Centres. The obstructionist policy of the government should cease and the example of Cuba, emulated. CIA indoctrinated Peace Corps in schools diverts the focus of our education.


id# 1607

Title: The OAS (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/03/19

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: Dr. Jagan debunked John Fernandes’ SUN editorial, article of the PPP on the OAS. PPP has always espoused and done what is good for Guyana. He demonstrated that the plight of the workers is not due to their agitation, but rather to the “get rich quick” employers and their high-handed methods. Dr. Jagan traced the origin of the OAS in concert with others around the world for the “containment of communism”.


id# 1608

Title: Sound Policies Needed (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/04/02

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: Burnham lacked consistency. When the PPP was in government he criticized its agricultural policy and dubbed it “rice government” and “coolie government”, and discouraged people from going to the land. PNC has now destroyed the agri base created and fostered by the PPP. Production has slumped, prices dropped and the PNC found difficulty to retract from the racial slurs and incitement it used in order to keep away Indo-Guyanese from agriculture. A sound policy is needed. The PNC–UF coalition must clear up its false - hoods for production in all sectors to significantly increase. Simple farming practices – water control, pest control and marketing management have to be practiced with the farmers themselves playing leading roles in the RDC, GMC. The PPP’s performance cannot be matched, its policies were not based on a rotten foundation. Burnham’s prodding's will fail. Really, it did as Jagan summed up.


id# 1609

Title: Alliance for Progress - April 9, 1967 (Straight talk) (PDF doc)

Year written: 1967/04/09

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 6

Summary: The Alliance for Progress was President Kennedy’s brainchild to counter Fidel Castro’s announcement in 1961 to take Cuba on a socialist course and keep the Latin American countries away from the influence of the Cuban Revolution. That scheme has virtually failed and now efforts are made by President Lyndon Johnson to inject additional money into the Latin American countries to keep them under the sphere of US imperialism. Some locally, felt if Guyana joined the OAS it would benefit from IDB loans and aid under the Alliance for Progress and therefore, Guyana should join it. The fact, however, is that such loans cater for social, infrastructural objectives and not for stimulating industrialization and a sound agricultural base. Thus, Latin American countries remain primary producers of a one crop or one mineral economy with very low growth levels and imbalance. 75% of arable lands are owned by 5% absentee owners and much of the food needs of the people are imported due to falling production. There is gross inefficiencies in all aspects of peoples lives and mass protest actions/strikes are frequent occurrences in a number of countries to address the growing poverty. Conditions have led to guerrilla warfare to dislodge the imperialist puppets and dictators. This is why the US is using the OAS to spend more on the military forces (“peace force”). They are bound to fail. The need is to end foreign political, military and economic domination and a complete restructuring of the economy in the interest of the people.


id# 1610

Title: Resources Tie-up (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/04/23

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: Land ownership in South America is one of the great social evils Dr. Jagan analysed. A few persons of power and prestige own vast estates while the majority owns tiny plots from which they eke a constant meager existence. Land Reform is urgently needed. Today, more and more lands are monopolized into fewer and fewer hands, Guyana needs to avoid same; the coalition government should follow up from where the PPP left off in mining, logging and farming.


id# 1611

Title: May Day Message -1967

Year written: 1967/05/01

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: speech

Summary: Dr. Jagan in extending the First May Day greetings after Independence lamented the class division in Guyana while the masses have been taxed. Bauxite has been allowed a tax freeze for 25 years. This experience must serve to remind us against the so called Industrial Stabilization legislation and prevent the withdrawal of Trade Union Rights. The poor must be relieved of the high taxes and the rich to pay their fair share to run our country, “United we stand, divided we suffer”, For Unity and Socialism”.


id# 1612

Title: Revolution and Counter-revolution (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/05/07

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 6

Summary: From the Middle East to Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean while the action of popular masses and others have led to uprisings and a change for a better way of life, the ruling class is conducting counter revolutions to regain their foothold/stranglehold to maintain their status quo – to maintain neo-colonialism and colonialism and prevent the spread of socialism. Churchill’s call for a union with America to play a “civilising mission” role against “the rising hordes” from the East. Then came the “Truman Doctrine” in 1947 protecting capitalism and bourgeois democracy/ freedom and the containment of socialism, Communism and national liberation via direct intervention, (Greece), destruction of United Front Government of NATO, SEATO, OAS and Baghdad Pact, to encircle the USSR, Eastern Europe and Peoples China. Harassment of progressive political leaders everywhere was accelerated. Billions of dollars were drained from Asia, Africa and Latin America. More financial aid to keep alive the Alliance for Progress failed. No expectation that US policy will change soon.


id# 1613

Title: The Struggle Sharpens (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/05/14

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 6

Summary: Dr. Jagan pointed to the upsurge of strikes in the labour front and inability of some unions to avoid dissent from their members. These have been done mainly to the government’s failing to honour promises and reasonable wage/salary increases. Obviously, with the National Security, Act in place – can detain and restrict persons without trial, the government is now moving to put in place, compulsory arbitration (as an anti strike legislation). Some unions have been ditched while some faithful to the PNC government and the CIA have demonstrated disagreements. The GTUC’s collusion and somersault may very well result in compulsory arbitration for a closed shop.


id# 1614

Title: India Probing CIA (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/05/21

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 12

Summary: Dr. Jagan exposed the CIA involvement and excuses for involvement in destabilizing, overthrowing and attacking progressive governments the world over. He also detailed the devious methods and manoeuvres of the CIA/British Intelligence in the British Guiana’s political struggle for independence under a PPP government. The varied CIA involvement in India is also chronicled. Everywhere the Peace Corps have been used to undermine the host countries and portray the American system and way of life as the best in the world.


id# 1615

Title: Aid and Independence (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/05/25

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: Guyana, one year after independence has become more tightly bound to imperialism, and a new form of servitude. Aid – increased foreign debts are meant for infrastructural development in keeping with perpetuating a neo-colonialist economy and a crushing debt burden. Dr. Jagan cited several countries where similar situations exist. Investment is done primarily to benefit the US government and imperialism.


id# 1616

Title: How Washington interfered and the Labour leaders changed their minds about Guyana

Year written: 1967/05/27

Place delivered:


Summary: Dr. Jagan pointed to the CIA’s various guises – operating as professionals, but carrying out activities to deny the PPP from governing Guyana. Anglo-US Trade and collusion have been used to foment racialism and destroy the PPP. Local labour leaders were also brainwashed to betray the national liberation thrust in Guyana. Like many other countries, the cause of poverty, disease and illiteracy everywhere has been aided by the “disguised anthropologists” of the CIA, who blame everything else, but US imperialism for a lack of freedom, democracy and progress.


id# 1617

Title: CIA Meddling (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/05/28

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 8-9

Summary: Dr. Jagan’s “CIA Meddling” bring together the guises under which the CIA carries out its nefarious scheme of overt and covert activities. Trade Union Centres, the Peace Corps and other convenient ready made designs to infiltrate and destabilize progressive and left governments are cited. The Guyana case scenario as well as the CIA interferences elsewhere is well documented with authentic details.


id# 1618

Title: CIA Controls the Trade Unions (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/06/04

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 5

Summary: The CIA used millions of dollars to infiltrate trade unions via gifts, scholarships, grants, etc for special activities and union conferences. Their plot has been exposed the world over where the CIA has set foot. The aim is to control the trade unions and blunt workers’ cause for betterment, good government and socialism. The USA uses convenient words like “freedom” and “democracy” to deceive the people and spread the US ideology.


id# 1619

Title: Importance of West Indian Unity

Year written: 1967/06/10

Place delivered:


Summary: The appeal among countries in the Caribbean for unity has again grown strong prior to and immediately after World War II. Riots, strikes and demonstrations led to the formation of the Caribbean Labour Congress and Montego Bay Conference in 1949. A Caribbean voice unanimously called for political freedom and a new path of Socialism. This dream was soon shattered by external influence which created havoc and split the unity of the Caribbean Labour Movement. Some leaders were dumped into opportunism and narrow insular chauvinism at the national level. Poverty and budget deficits, growing debt burden, etc have led to disillusionment and discontentment among the masses, particularly the youth and students while the political leaders are in disarray. Carifta emerged only to find split allegiances to the OAS and Carifta and other foreign entities. Some pseudo intellectuals and scientists have quickly learnt to live fat by freeness, bribes and corruption. The class struggle has been dashed aside and the ruling class is beckoning the workers to work harder to become prosperous.


id# 1620

Title: Open Letter from C. Jagan - Come Again Mbulu

Year written: 1967/06/11

place delivered Guyana

Medium: Letter

Summary: Dr. Jagan commended African singer, Miss Letta Mbula who performed at Queens College. Her songs of the brave South African people and their struggles brought about a new dimension to struggle for liberty and dignity. She reached the people in a way that writers, leaders and orators are not always able to explain. Every child must have a home, country and the right to “live, laugh and be happy”. Mandela’s struggle was not in vain.


id# 1621

Title: CIA and Thought Control (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/06/11

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: The CIA witnessed the “wind of change”- countries opting for change and breaking ties with their old order and political domination and the battle between capitalism and socialism. The “Big Stick” “Gunboat Diplomacy” was not enough. Harold Macmillan said it was necessary to “win men’s mind” – it meant thought control, ideological control and “brain washing”. CIA used lies in the name of freedom and democracy to corrupt all.


id# 1622

Title: Maiming, Murder (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/06/18

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 11

Summary: Dr. Jagan delved into the ploy of the American imperialist ruling class on upholding the racist system and propping up the free enterprise capitalist system. Thought/mind control was achieved through control of primary and secondary schools, universities, newspapers, radio and T.V stations. Libraries and books glorifying capitalism and decrying communism are stocked and distributed free on “what is Democracy”, what is Communism”, what can man believe” –classics of anti-communism. The CIA and USA play a vital role in the blaspheming of Communism and glorifying the American, imperialist way. The CIA has not overlooked the religious and cultural fields. Millions of dollars are pumped through this media to dull the thinking of the poor and duped them into fears of the “worse” (communism) Brain washing, invasion and murder are in order when the other tried methods failed. What is the level that imperialism would not go to have the masses anywhere totally deluged for the perpetration of capitalist exploitation.


id# 1623

Title: Oil and Profits (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/06/25

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 18

Summary: "Oil and Profits” outline a factual representation of imperialist penetration in the Middle-East. The situation is complex and what appears as religious wars and regional/internal conflicts is deep intrigue – to maintain imperialist political centre and economic exploitation of the area. The Middle East is synonymous with oil and oil spells profits – with 45% of world output. Cloak and dagger diplomacy and orchestrating religious hate serve the cause of US imperialism for super profits.


id# 1624

Title: Anglo-American Intrigue (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/07/02

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 8

Summary: This is a masterpiece of Dr. Jagan on Anglo-American Intrigues. They always protested against accusation and world public opinion of interference and involvement in sabotaging, destabilizing and overthrowing progressive government He described 9 such blatant involvements including the overthrow of his own government. No amount of cover-up will clean the dirty hands of Anglo-American intolerance, using British intelligence and the CIA and other front organisations as is convenient.


id# 1625

Title: Letter to Editor New York Times

Year written: 1967/07/06

Place delivered: USA

Medium: letter

Summary: Dr. Jagan corrects the view expressed in the N.Y Times and accused US imperialism for fomenting racism, riots and division in Guyana to suit their interests. He substantiated his convictions with excerpts and reports made by non Guyanese on Guyana’s dilemma by foreign imperialist involvement and economic policies.


id# 1626

Title: Chasing After Rainbows (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/07/18

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 2+3 on 27-Sep-87

Summary: Dr. Jagan exposed the role of the OAS intended to serve imperialism. It is an illusion to divert the Caribbean and the Latin American Countries from opting to go the socialist path. Nowhere has the OAS benefited poor states, rather, it made them more dependent and staggering in deficits and poverty. Some Caribbean leaders are confused or unable to see the role of the OAS – a mere mirage lacking content relevant to the needs of area’s poor.


id# 1627

Title: Stockfeeds and Agriculture (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/07/23

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 3

Summary: Talk and lots of it. No solutions to cure the ills of falling production and increasing imports. Diversification, land reclamation and development, proper water management, price controls are but a few measures to boost production and reduce unemployment. The coalition needs to follow up from where the PPP government left off, with projects and schemes to gain from a rounded agricultural policy. Benefits and bonus to be restored.


id# 1629

Title: Exploding Ghettoes (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/08/06

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 6

Summary: Dr. Jagan experienced the plight of the Black (Negro) population in the USA. He related his personal experience during his 7 years as a student there. The ghetto life – squalor and alienation defies beliefs. Yet, this is America, the USA. This Negro experience left a lasting conviction which allowed him to look racism in its eyes and debunk all talk of equality, freedom and justice for Blacks. It gave Dr. Jagan a strengthened resolve to view things not from racial or ethnic position, but along CLASS lines. Millions spent on wars should be diverted to eradicate poverty, slums and ghettos in the USA.


id# 1630

Title: Decadent Free Enterprise (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/09/10

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg

Summary: PNC usual flair for labels and sloganeering was exposed by Dr. Jagan. With all the name brands Guyana continues to sink in deeper debts, stifled development and non appearance of industries for glass, tires, shoes, etc.


id# 1631

Title: Pies in the Sky (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/09/17

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: The Government boasts about plans for developing hydro power and smelter. The fact is that the US has already invested in Suriname and the Caroni river for Venezuela. Big business will therefore not spend in Guyana for such projects and will look elsewhere to extract the maximum from their investment. Also the communist threat in the area cautions the imperialist agent Because of the decline in Latin America and the Caribbean, radical changes are needed. One has to look at China, Cuba and India and account for the rapid strides in the former two countries and the latter crawling while Cuba and China have rid their colonialist imperialist domination in all aspects of their life while India continues under the foreign and local capitalist and landlordism. Clearly, Guyana and third world countries need a revolutionary policy and programme for social and economic progress.


id# 1632

Title: The Role of the CIA and Its Activities Throughout the World (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/10

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Booklet

Summary: This booklet contains a series of 8 articles by Dr. Jagan on the CIA, its activities in Guyana and in other parts of the world to carry out overt and covert activities to overthrow popular Government and contain the progressive changes and forge for socialism .Dr Jagan as usual, is exemplary in his readings and understanding of the CIA’s role.


id# 1633

Title: Promises, Freeness and Excuses (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/10/03

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 14

Summary: Dr Jagan recognized the stepping up of activities by the coalition Government as another gimmick to hoodwink the people since general elections are due soon. The 1960 manifestos of the PNC and UF have not delivered what they so boldly touted and Guyana would not be fooled twice. Millions were squandered and important projects were left hanging, promises of job creation, minimum wages, land distribution, free milk, plantains and cassava- all failed. The masses are accused of being lazy and inefficient this is why Guyana made no progress. Promises, excuses and bribery (freeness) will not accomplish their goals. No wonder D’Aguiar’s resignation to say that it was Burnham and not him for the failures.


id# 1634

Title: Economism and Reformism (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/10/15

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 10

Summary: While there is gross frustration, high prices and wage freeze, the TUC president has taken the side of big business, the CIA and imperialism. Right wing trade unionism and labour aristocracy/ company unionism have led to the abandonment of the people since only pseudo reforms are embraced instead of revolutionary programmes for comprehensive national development.


id# 1635

Title: Message on 50th Anniversary of Great October Revolution

Year written: 1967/10

place delivered Moscow, USSR


Summary: On the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, Dr. Jagan wrote of its impact and hope for million of oppressed people the world over. It was an inspiration and example- to witness the vast strides in economic development and improvement in peoples lives in the USSR. The greatest enemy of mankind was also defeated by the Soviet Red Army. The Russian example fired resolution in the anti colonial and anti imperialist struggles in Asia, Africa and Latin America for national liberation. Guyana too, was influenced by the Russian Revolution. It saw the birth of the first trade union by H.N .Critchlow in 1919 to organize for the improvement of workers welfare. The mass political party was also formed in 1950 under Marxist/ Leninist principles to struggle for political independence and social progress-the PPP.


id# 1636

Title: Speech at International Conference in Support of Arab Peoples

Year written: 1967/11/11

place delivered

Medium: speech

Summary: Dr. Jagan addressed the international conference in support of the Arab People and highlighted the political developments in Guyana from 1953 to 1967.He exposed the role of British American imperialism and the role of the CIA in Guyana and elsewhere to delay political independence. He called for unity and struggle - in solidarity against imperialism and referred to the heroic Cuban and Vietnamese people. The role of the imperialist in Guyana today is to create more and more difficulties via their puppets to thwart the resolve, pad voters list, rig elections and/ or orchestrate a military coup.


id# 1637

Title: Journey Through the West Indies (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/11/12

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 9

Summary: Dr. Jagan had a most successful 11 day “working tour” of West Indian Islands during which he conducted open (public) as well as indoor meetings attended by large audiences. He championed the cause of Guyana at all his meetings and spoke of similar experiences the ordinary working faced. The Puerto Rican model for development offers no hope for Caribbean people and urged that in order to stop the decay we must break the colonial and new colonial structure and set up a programme which is democratic and anti imperialist.


id# 1638/1828

Title: Tomorrow Belongs to Socialism (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/12/10

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 4

Summary: Dr. Jagan was present at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses to listen to the address by Leonid Brezhnev after the unveiling of Lenin`s statute and a 5 hour long military and civilian parade at the Red Square. Dr. Jagan traced the development of the USSR since 1917 and noted the vast strides it has made from a backward under-development state to a military might, together with tremendous achievements in the economic social and cultural standard of the entire population when compared to the leading industrially development countries.


id# 1639/1828

Title: Visit to Tashkent, Usbekistan (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/12/17

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T

Summary: Dr, Cheddi Jagan visit to Tashkent, Uzbekistan armed him with objective, factual details of development from a backward semi- feudal state to a blooming state, highly development society. Uzbekistan competes with highly developed capitalist countries. It is a most rounded developed country (republic) within the USSR. This was possible not by a miracle, but by socialism and peoples’ power. Jagan debunked Jan Carew (anti soviet) and CLR James (anti-soviet/Trotskyite) for equating western imperialism with “soviet imperialism”).


id# 1640/1828

Title: A Transformed Colony (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/12/24

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 9

Summary: Again Dr. Jagan writes on the remaining aspect of the Uzbek Republic and its achievement in agriculture - milk, meat, grain and vegetables, etc and wide range of agricultural machinery. The system and way of life need emulation. See #1639 above.


id# 1641/1828

Title: How Free is the West? (Straight talk)

Year written: 1967/12/31

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: S/T printed in "Mirror" pg 7

Summary: Dr. Jagan writes on his Radio hotline talk with Pat Burns in Montreal, Canada. Cheddi deplored the US Government pressure on the British Government to oust the PPP government in 1953. Arguments issued which Jagan put in perspective. He defended Marxian socialism and the people “dictatorship of the proletariat “and amplified socialist democracy as a superior system to what exist under capitalism everywhere. He defends what prevails in the USSR and Cuba as outcomes, specific to what obtained in 1917 and 1959 in those former czarist and dictatorial regimes. He outlined the peaceful and non peaceful forms of struggle for the wealth from Africa, Asia and Latin America and the continuous exacerbation of hunger and poverty. How free is man? He is dehumanized in the west, not under socialism anywhere.


id# 1642

Title: Message to Amerindian Association (PDF doc)

Year written: 1967/09

Place delivered: Guyana


Summary: Cheddi Jagan writes on the failed promises of the Government to give land Title:s to the Amerindian people before Independence. He undertook to do all that is possible to make sure justice is give to the Amerindian people and promises fulfilled. The cause of liberty and democracy are challenged by a Government with no real interest in the plight of the poorer people of Guyana. Letter to Dr. Jagan on the long awaited constitution of the Amerindian lands Commission.


id# 1643

Title: The Coalition Exposed (Straight talk) (PDF doc)

Year written: 1967

Place delivered: Guyana

Medium: Booklet

Summary: A collection of "Straight Talk" articles by Dr. Jagan. A concise account in a series of Articles by Dr Jagan in which the coalition was exposed. He catalogued the phony promises by the PNC and UF at the last election and inability to honour them. Talk about changes in sugar, Rice, natural resources, etc have not resulted to any reality. Jagan warned about an impending dictatorship where no one would be safe and called for vigilance and mobilization to safeguard our liberties.


id# 1644

Title: CIA and the Trade Unions in Guyana - 1967 (PDF doc)

Year written: 1967

Place delivered: Guyana


Summary: Dr. Jagan writes with impeccable clarity and exactness of the growth of the National Liberation Movement after World War II ended which witnessed the collapse of the colonial empires. The colonies were the harvesting grounds of resources and untold millions of dollars as super profits exported to the imperialists. This status quo prevailed in every colony regardless of whether it was Portugal, France, British, etc the role was the same. The defeat and fall of colonialism was faced with overt and covert activities to counter the advance to freedom and veering towards non-capitalist and / or pro-socialist directions. Thus the CIA and its devious roles of infiltrating the trade Union Movement and to sabotage progressive development. Guyana is a classical case study of the CIA and trade unions and how they worked to overthrow the PPP Government.


id# 1645

Title: A Review of Guyana's Foreign Policy

Year written: 1967?

Place delivered: Guyana


Summary: Dr. Jagan noted how Burnham’s talk differs from practice. He analysed the foreign policies of several states and categorised them as imperialist, pro-imperialist or non-aligned and non-capitalist or pro-socialist in character. Guyana falls in the play it safe and burked in favour of being friendly to imperialism. This work is a brilliant elucidation of demagogy and subservience to imperialism. Several factual experiences have been referred to, to arrive at the categorization.